Year Formed
Concord, CA


Taken from the official Vile website:


Since its formation in 1996, Vile has maintained a consistent, although patient, stream of high quality extreme metal.  Aficionados of American death metal know of Vile and anticipate each release and tour. Vile prefers to put quality over quantity and has often been proclaimed by metal media as one of America's top extreme metal bands.  Judge for yourself!

California Bay Area musicians and audio engineers Colin Davis and Juan Urteaga formed Vile in 1996 out of the remnants of three bands: Entropy, Lords of Chaos and Sporadic Psychosis.  They wrote and self recorded the 'Unearthed' demo and were pleasantly surprised by its acceptance among the extreme metal crowd in the Bay Area and internationally. Vile also have George and Alex of Cannibal Corpse to thank for their help is spreading the word about Vile and helping to get them their initial media coverage.

Since the original 3 song demo was released, Vile released the 'Vile-ation' demo in 1997, 'Stench of the Deceased' CD in 1999, 'Depopulate' CD in 2002, 'The New Age of Chaos' in 2005 and recently,in 2011,  'Metamorphosis'  has been released by Willowtip Records in N. America and Hammerheart Records in Europe.

Vile's musical progression has over the years taken them from Floridian influenced progressive compositions to European black/death/heavy metal influences where melody and memorable song structure are more prominently displayed.

Behind the scenes, producer/writer/composer Colin Davis has continued to project his goal of building a solid, diverse and high quality range of materials that satisfy a range of fans of extreme metal. Each release is intended to stand on its own and to be an offering that keeps the band sounding fresh and modern.

Because Vile's main musical composer is also an audio engineer by trade, Vile has always kept high standards for extreme metal production.

Vile books and performs tours to support each release and hopes to include South America and other previously un-reached territories in 2012 – 2013

Vile is set to tour Europe with Lacerated and Carbonized in September 2012.

Metamorphosis 2011 studio Line-Up:

Colin Davis – Guitars, Bass
Mike Hrubovcak – Vocals
Tyson Jupin – Drums