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Formed July 2014.
We Die Heroes was the name created and registered by Grizz after his previous band 'The Whiskey Preachers' parted ways. After a few months of looking for a frontman for his new band he told the other guys it was over until further notice.
Fast forward six years and no practice later Grizz received a text from Russ T Anchor (Gray) asking if he'd play drums in a new project. After thinking of different band names and not getting anywhere Grizz offered 'We Die Heroes' DONE!
Trevor Cornwall was interviewed (in the pub) and enlisted after recommendations from Marc Watkins and Roger Atkins.
Six months on and they played their 1st gig (Dec 20th 2014) opening for Sham 69 and opened for legendary punk band Vice Squad (feb 28th) as a four piece with Ben 'Ferdy' Ford joining the ranks. Next gig 11th April at The Hellfire Club. Trev left the band due to work commitments but has now returned again taking over from Steve Cater who has helped us greatly and we thank him for all his time and effort, a truly great guy. Ben left to pursue his career as a freelance guitar tutor and session musician. So now we're back to a noisy 3 piece.