Year Formed


Whorion was formed in 2009 to make metal that break bones, but at the same time having powerful symphonic elements. The vision was clear - we wanted to create a feeling, that the listener was sucked in dark matter of space, slowly waiting for the worlds end..

After few years of composing, training and mastering new style of playing, material started to come together. Whorion was ready to get reinforcements. In the start of 2013 Iiro Illman and Dorian Logue joined the band and the first release was being fired up. However something was still missing, something was still left feeling uncomplete but when Ari Nieminen came across and made vocal demo, Whorion was constructed in the way that we have visioned from the start.

Later additions were made for their debut release by young talented drummer Ukri Suvilehto and composer masters Vili Itäpelto and Jussi Kirves, who made the vision of symphonic elements come true. With this brutal, symphonic path, Whorion marches towards the dark future.
As the fire burns inside waiting to be released, Whorion is joined by the last member to complete the circle. A man from the colder northern paths....Heikki Saari, A legend in his own trade and one who brings such dynamics to the band.

The knees of Atlas will break, as world falls to its bitter end. Till death do you apart.