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'YGODEH' was founded in October of 2009 by Pavel Stepanov aka 'Piton' after scrapping his previous symphonic metal band 'Disease', which is reported to be the longest lived metal project in Daugavpils up to now and having a pivotal influence on a local rock-scene. He invited Victor 'Feka' Rinkevich (ex-'SvinKTR') to perform the vocal and lyrics writing duties, thus, forming the core of the band, which immediately focused on studio work and recording fresh material together. Right from the start 'YGODEH' proved a daring challenge to the stylistic versatility and compositional complexity mainly due to Pavel's passion for experimentation and extensive use of additional symphonic elements. This was reflected in their first demo songs that were recorded in late 2009 and early 2010. However, the musicians understood that this was not the limit of their aspirations and decided to expand some of elements of their sound. For this purpose they turned to their good friend and a virtuoso bass player Alex Potapov aka 'Potap', who at that time was stationed abroad in England, to start the bass tracks recording for the existing material. This effected in a profounder and more sophisticated layout of their music since synthetic bass sound, which simply copied the guitar riffs, was replaced with innovative and challenging solo-like live bass patterns. Soon after that another England-based drummer Vadim Vetrin, who previously played together with Pavel in 'Disease', joined in and recorded the percussion parts turning the band into four-piece, which remains as such today. On October 30th 2010 the band presented its debut self-produced EP titled 'Dawn of Technological Singularity', which consisted of 8 tracks.(Late this album was released on German label MDD rec.)


The only problem the band encountered due to such territorial separation between its participants is a temporal inability to perform live. According to the opinion expressed by the band's mastermind Pavel Stepanov 'YGODEH follows the example of some celebrated international bands that make a strong emphasis on professionalism and quality of sound rather than regular touring and shows. However, it doesn't mean that it was planned to be a purely studio project. Soon me and Feka are going to move to England in order to unite with our mates overseas and start rehearsing together. We firmly believe that music doesn't have any boundaries so the question of our unity is always easily solved'.


Stylistically, the band's music is expressed through an intricate fusion of different extreme metal genres ranging from doom metal to death/black metal saturated with symphonic elements and twisted rhythmical patterns. What concerns band's lyrical matter it doesn't have any certain or clearly-cut concept behind it but still the main theme, which can be traced in almost all of the texts deals with human ability to handle and withstand extreme life conditions and behavioral peculiarities that tend to show through under such circumstances. Besides that, other themes present in the lyrics include harsh political satire, dedications to some famous and cult personalities as well as being inspired by some movies and computer games.


Up to now there's no any explanation for the band's name, however their exist some speculation that it was originated during the fits of Pavel's mosaic schizophrenia while being influenced by quest-themed computer games, which he adores to play while taking breaks from composing his tangled guitar riffs.


2011 – Dawn Of The Technological Singularity (EP, MDD Records)

2011 – Amidst The Derelict (single)

2013 – The Experiment Interrupted (EP)


Line up: 2012: Piton – Guitars, synthetic sounds, samples programming

Vadozz – Drum's art /  Stalker – Bass / Serberus – Vocal, Lyrics