05/08/2015 Mammothfest warm up show

/05/08/2015 Mammothfest warm up show


05/08/2015 Mammothfest warm up show

Meta-Stasis Death
Krysthla Metal
HELL PuppeTs Metal
Agharta Death
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House of Pain Promotions Presents Metastasis METASTASIS formed in 2012 through the Zygotic union of two of the vilest genetic mutations around, Sikth & Ted Maul. Originally started as a studio project, METASTASIS have swiftly developed into one of the most ground breaking extreme metal bands in the UK. Combining psychoextremetechdeath metal and industrial/jungle, instantaneously you will find yourself lowered into the darkest depths of madness. With incredible reviews from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Kerrang and such personal endorsement from people like the legendary Kerry King (Slayer) and Steve Asheim (Deicide) rating Metastasis the next best extreme metal band to come out of UKメ, Metastasis debut album, ムWhen the Mind Departs the Fleshメ has set the tone for a new era in extreme metal. Metastasis are due to record their second album with the mighty Scott Atkins (Grindstone Studio) in April 2013. In addition Metastasis are in the flows of producing 2 new music videos and with a string of headline shows across the UK in the coming months and an ever increasing number of festival bookings across Europe throughout the summer, it is already written in blood that the world is about to bare witness to the most refreshing new extreme metal bands around. Dare you follow the deprived minds in to their darkness? You sick twisted fucks, we knew you wouldナ Thank you as always for your support, we do this for you! www.metastasis.com www.facebook.commetastasis666 www.metastasis.bigcartel.com www.twitter.com/METASTASIS666 www.reverbnation.com/metastasis HELL PuppeTs Formed in late summer of 2011 under the influences of White Zombie, Pantera, Sex Pistols, Slayer & Misfits, Hell Puppets began creating & conceiving the myth into their very own style of Punk Rock and Metal, with added horror and obsessions of the occult & Demonism. This created a very dark and morbid vision within the band. From 2011 to 2012 the band rehearsed intensely for an entire year before playing their first local show at The Chichester Inn. 2012 also saw The Puppets record a live session for a local radio station which aired 6 tracks of the bands original material. In 2013, as well as performing live and writing new material, The Puppets went into the studio to commence recording their debut E.P. No Strings Attached, which was released in January 2014 !!!WARNING!!! The Darkhorse Up into the cosmos beyond the ether, a dying star is upon its final days. A fading light. On the final hours of its life the deity's hand reaches down and touches the star imploding it into itself spreading four pieces of debris hurtling towards the earth. The debris enters the earth's atmosphere and penetrates the earth down to its core with mammoth force and pressure it erupts flying chunks of lava and magma as if the gods are angry that It seems that the apocalypse is upon the blue planet. Locals who witness this "out of this world" phenomenon said they'd seen a glowing beast arise from this mayhem and chaos. A beast with a mane of fire hooves of thunder and breath of sulphur. Its heart of clockwork beating always on time never stopping forever pulsing. Darkhorse was conceived May God have mercy on our souls Wednesday, August 5th The Zombie Hut Corby 8PM £5

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The Zombie Hut


Rockingham Road
NN17 2AE

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