05/12/2014 The Facemelter

/05/12/2014 The Facemelter


05/12/2014 The Facemelter

Wren Post
OHHMS Doom/Drone/Stoner
Earthmass Doom/Drone/Stoner
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Chaos Theory rounds up another phenomenal year of The Facemelter at our favourite metal venue, with a lineup that will flatten you with sheer slothlike tonnage. EARTHMASS The doom trio return to The Facemelter after a year, armed with two more EP releases behind them and a new album on CD, vinyl and DVD on the way. OHHMS A progressive sludge band with coarse vocals screaming about veganism and animal rights, who've come out of nowhere, been signed by Holy Roar Records and played on the Radio 1 Rock Show. Their upcoming EP/album (2 tracks, 45 minutes) Bloom is out soon and will be available on the night to purchase on CD and vinyl, as well as a couple of awesome tshirts. "Fusing together elements of doom, postmetal, prog and psychedelia, the bandメs depth of vision is certainly impressive." Terrorizer Wren Heavy down tempo outfit (featuring guitarist Chris Pickering of Obe?) who've been silently trudging their way into the UK's musical underbelly. Since March this year, their coarse sludge sound mixed with postmetal finesse has already earned them gigs and tours alongside Empress AD, 100 Onces and Shiver. Their selftitled EP has been on our playlists all year. "Fans of Isis and Old Man Gloom should be delighted" Idoteq

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The Black Heart


3 Greenland Place

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0207 428 9730