07/09/2015 Necrosis

/07/09/2015 Necrosis


07/09/2015 Necrosis

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https://www.facebook.com/events/1610603889223262/ END OF THE WORLD PROMOTIONS PRESENTS: THE ROAD TO DEATHFEAST EU TOUR FERMENTED MASTURBATION (NOR) + NECROSIS (UK) 7TH SEPTEMBER ヨ THE BLACK HEART ヨ LONDON, UK 8TH SEPTEMBER ヨ L'EXCALIBUR ヨ REIMS, FRANCE 9TH SEPTEMBER ヨ EPLEE BAR ヨ DEINZE, BELGIUM 10TH ヨ12TH SEPTEMBER ヨ DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR ヨ ANDERNACH, GERMANY Fermented Masturbation Slamming Beatdown Sickness from Norway https://www.facebook.com/fermentedmasturbslam Originally conceived by the Slam Twins, Martin and Mats Funderud (Kraanium and Dragging Entrails) in Norway, Fermented Masturbation have now expanded the lineup with some of the best musicians scattered across Europe. Floor van Kuijk (Korpse and Carnifloor) from The Netherlands now joins Mats on guitars and Alex Venders (Devangelic, Indecent Excision and more) from Italy provides the backbone for one of the heaviest bands around. This will be their first appearance in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany. Necrosis UK Brutal Death Metal https://www.facebook.com/necrosisuk Having already travelled the country with Scordatura, Kraanium and as headliners, this will be Necrosisメs fourth tour this year before hitting the road again in November with Goretrade and Kataleptic. As Necrosis played Gothenburg Deathfest in Sweden last year, these shows will be their third, fourth and fifth time playing in new countries outside the UK after appearing as the last band on the Friday night at Flesh Party Open Air Fest in Slovakia. Necrosis are the only UK band appearing at Deathfeast Open Air. SPONSORED BY: ROTTEN MUSIC IN ASSOCIATION WITH: BLAKHART GUITARS, UNGODLY RUINS RECORDS, SLAM CREW AND DANOWAR TOURS DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR 2015 LINEUP: (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) ASPHYX (NL) CAEDERE (NL) CARNATION (BE) CYTOTOXIN (DE) DECIMATION (TK) DEHUMANIZED (US) DEVANGELIC (IT) DISASTROUS MURMUR(AT) DISENTOMB (AUS) FERMENTED MASTURBATION (NO) FLESHLESS (CZ) GUINEAPIG (IT) INCARCERATION (BR) INHUMATE (FR) INIQUITY (DK) KEITZER (DE) NECROSIS (UK) NILE (US) NUCLEAR VOMIT (PL) OBSOLETE INCARNATION (DE) PIGHEAD(DE) PROFANITY(DE) PUTRID OFFAL (FR) REPUGNANCE (MT) SLOWLY ROTTEN (DE) SUFFOCATION (US) SPASM (CZ) ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE (IT) Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/333464596820970/ http://www.deathfeast.de/

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The Black Heart


3 Greenland Place

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0207 428 9730