10/09/2016 Gout

/10/09/2016 Gout


10/09/2016 Gout

Gout Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Foetal Juice Death
Haemorrhage Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Black Skies Burn Thrash/Speed
Chestburster Hardcore
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Easygrinder Promotionments, Basement Torture Killings, Radiation Exposure and Tom are happy to present: HAEMORRHAGE (Spain) UK DEBUT ヨ EXCLUSIVE SHOW Excitement is what our mugs are oozing. This is something that should have happened a tad sooner but then there you go. Classic goregrind undoctors from Spain play in the UK for the very first time since the band's inception in 1990/1 i.e. ever. Hold on to your bowels and dance like you'll be morgue bound in the morrow. Splat. https://www.bandpage.com/HaemorrhageGore FOETAL JUICE Smearing evil Death Metal https://foetaljuice.bandcamp.com/ GOUT Drunk Edge Party Gore https://goutgrind.bandcamp.com/ BLACK SKIES BURN Grindcore Picking through the nuances of modern life one blast salvo at a time. https://blackskiesburn.bandcamp.com/ More TBC £17 in adv £20 otd

Venue Details

Boston Arms Music Room


178 Junction Road
Tufnell Park
N19 5QQ

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0207 272 8153