11/05/2014 Nightshift Promotions + Underworld Camden presents…

/11/05/2014 Nightshift Promotions + Underworld Camden presents…


11/05/2014 Nightshift Promotions + Underworld Camden presents…

XII Boar Doom/Drone/Stoner
CB6 Metal
Grifter Rock
Mustasch Rock
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Doors 6:30pm Stage Times: 19:00 XII BOAR 19:45 CB6 20:30 GRIFTER 21:15 MUSTASCH ユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユユ About: It�s an impressive CV the band has achieved since their first release in 2001: Seven albums, a huge hit with "Double Nature", soldout tours in Scandinavia, opening and headline tours with Mot�rhead, Kizz, Rose Tattoo and Volbeat in Europe, four Swedish Grammy Nominations whereof two Grammy Awards for Best Metal Album for Latest Version Of The Truth 2008 and Mustasch 2010, and the following studio album "Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven" 2012 reached gold status in Sweden in just two weeks. After all this, the band reached a turning point. Full speed ahead focusing on the band or nothing at all. No halfhearted solutions, no compromises. All or nothing. Thatメs the way I work as a person, Ralf explains over a cup of coffee a Tuesday morning in Stockholm. Drunk or sober, angry or happy, all or nothing. There are no inbetweens in my world. The band now celebrates itᄡs 14 anniversary with Ralf and Stam as the sole original members. In 2008 David Johannesson (ex. Sparzanza) came aboard, and after that Jejo Percovi? (ex. Candlemass, Infinite Mass) joined the band in 2012. The songwriting for Mustasch has been unusually painless, which Ralf credits the new members and the new bandorder. Today everyone is free to write as they find best, follow their instincts and above all: focus on the best possible songs. Earlier, I wrote a little bit every day. These days I have to gather the ideas and write in more concentrated sessions. Theyᄡre not as frequent, but on the other hand thereメs more material to pick from. The lyrics are the same as always: anger and frustration desolation. Iメve got my roots in folkmusic, Ralf explains. My first instrument was the accordion and Iメve been to quite a few accordionmusic sessions. As my parents do a lot of folkdancing, it was at these sessions I spent my summers. A few years ago, when the whole band shared an apartment in Gothenburg, we always played Jan Johansson and (swedish crooner) Evert Taube at our afterpartys. It was the best way to come down after a night of partying. I donメt think Iメll be mixing in more folkmusic with Mustasch, however. There are others who do that a lot better than us. All or nothing. Nothing else will do. Mustasch is the evidence of that

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174 Camden High Street

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