11/07/2015 Ossiyan

/11/07/2015 Ossiyan


11/07/2015 Ossiyan

Ossiyan Doom/Drone/Stoner
Ten Foot Wizard Alternative
XII Boar Doom/Drone/Stoner
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XII BOAR https://www.facebook.com/xiiboar SINCE FORMING IN 2010, XII BOAR HAVE HONED THEIR BRAND OF SLUDGEDOUT STONER GROOVE INTO SOMETHING THATメS AS CAREFULLY MEASURED AND DEVASTATINGLY EFFECTIVE AS THE PERFECT OLD FASHIONED. Merciless in their execution of a sound that could easily have come roaring out of a Florida swamp, this trio of Hampshirebased heavyweights are carving out a legacy that promises to be as permanent as a brand on cattle. The relentless fury of their live performances alongside revered names such as Corrosion of Conformity, Karma to Burn and Crowbar has made the imminent release of their full length debut ムPitworthyメ one of the most highly anticipated within the community. So, if the thunderously heavy, slackjawed bastard of Mot�rhead and High on Fire sounds like your kinda drinkin� buddy, don�t miss what could well be the party of the weekend. You�ll know where to go, just follow the good time groove that gets your booty shakin�! (Daniel Griggs) Bass heavy, drum driven music with a mix of distorted guitar riffs, squealing guitar solos and tough, raw vocals. I call this drivinメ music. I imagine myself back in the western U.S. deserts, speeding through the hot, dark nights along empty stretches of flat and endless highways, stereo blasting, fullthrottle, enjoying the solitude, and wishing the night to never end. http://www.metalmasterkingdom.com/xiiboar.html TEN FOOT WIZARD https://www.facebook.com/tenfootwizard Bursting from the blackest heart of Manchester in 2009, Ten Foot Wizard do their best to part those eternal clouds hanging over the city with a warm, bluesy brand of stoner rock. Their first album, 2013?s ムReturn to the Infiniteメ, is the perfect showcase of that sound; bit parts Clutch, Sabbath and Misfits, with raw, heavy, chugging riffs and soul tinged vocals that grip onto your dancing bones. Recently sharing the stage with fellow DesertFesters, Karma To Burn and Desert Storm at the Manchester date of their UK tour, TFWメs bluesy, desertinfused rock even infected the most armfoldingest of punters into a groove. (Tom Geddes) This band sound like they should be coming from the depths of the US stoner and groove scenes, like Clutch or Down. Itメs an exciting time for British bands of this genre. http://metalmouth.net/2013/09/tenfootwizardreturntotheinfinite/ OSSIYAN: https://www.facebook.com/OssyianDoomed?fref=ts Ossiyan (OhSy_An) are a four piece Valiant Doom band from London. Harnessing Heavy Groove and Powerful Imagery to create a thunderous soundscape Ossiyan consummate a forcible live show. Taking influence from a variety of bands to help forge their opus モHardradaヤ the band are set and ready to make waves within a scene that they hold true to their hearts. ENTRY £6

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The Black Heart


3 Greenland Place

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0207 428 9730