21/03/2015 Rock Gardens Revisited

/21/03/2015 Rock Gardens Revisited


21/03/2015 Rock Gardens Revisited

Siege UK Metal
Toledo Steel Heavy
Truffle Rock
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2020 Studios presents ' Rock Gardens Revisited ' TRUFFLE plus Special Guests KODIAK JACK + SIEGE + TOLEDO STEEL 21st March 2015 The Glasshouse, Pyramids, Portsmouth. TRUFFLE Portsmouth based heavy rock band Truffle, gigged heavily during the 80's and early 90's, including shows with Twisted Sister, Diamond Head, Magnum, Wishbone Ash, Tank and Spider. Their own rock sound and powerful live shows making them a firm favourite on the NWOBHM music scene. Having single releases with モRound tower/If you really wantヤ in 1981, モ 633 Squadron/Do you like heavy metalヤ in 1984 and the album モThe bacon slicer strikes againヤ in 1985. In 2011 High Roller Records released 3 albums モIf you really wantヤ, モ1st Attemptヤ and モThe bacon slicer strikes againヤ now remastered. Reunited in March 2013, for a successful one off gig and a special festival appearance in 2014, leading to more dates in 2015. モ Never one to be missed and always one to be remembered ヤ KODIAK JACK From the South Coast of England, Kodiak Jack are a five piece hard rock outfit consisting of Bryn (vocals), Jeff (lead guitar), Jon (guitar & backing vocals), Keiran (drums) and Kev (bass). Their debut album ムYour Death: My Gloryメ was released in late 2011 and gained critical acclaim across the board with Classic Rock, PowerPlay and FRONT magazine amongst those that hailed its release. On stage Kodiak Jack have built up a reputation for their energetic live shows which has seen them build a loyal fan base and earn them support slots with Canadian metallers Kobra & The Lotus, guitar legend Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big & Racer X), Everything Everything and Elvis Jackson to name but a few. January 2013 saw the band record their new album ムAlhambraム with Brian Wheat, bassist with US Rock Gods, Tesla and a subsequent support slot with the band in the UK. The album was released in February 2014 and has earned critical acclaim wherever played. Definitely a band to keep an eye on ! SIEGE Formed in 1984 when vocalist Sharon Thompson joined forces with former ORION members Al Stringer, Ray Lawrence and Dave Glover. Drawing influence from the likes of Black Sabbath, Manowar, Warlock and other great bands of the time, SIEGE set about writing a set of original metal songs and spent two years playing gigs around London and the South East. Releasing their debut single 'Goddess of Fire' in 1985, SIEGE quickly became a popular live act with a strong and loyal following. Lead singer Sharon Thompson sadly passed away in 2010 and a year later, the surviving original members reformed for a special one off show, to pay tribute to their former colleague. This event led to the recording of 'ReIgnite', an album of 80's SIEGE live favourites, which was released on CD and via iTunes in 2012. A brand new album 'Razor Wing' followed in 2013 along with a string of live dates. 2014 sees SIEGE working on their 3rd album, due for release very soon. TOLEDO STEEL Hard hitting classic metal from Southampton, Toledo Steel bring the NWOBHM sound back to the 21st century. Smelted in the blast furnaces of Southampton in 2011, Toledo Steel are a classic metal band alloying influences such as Judas Priest, Grim Reaper and other New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands. After a strong demo and a deluge of razorsharp live shows the band quickly became a local success. Toledo Steel's passion and dedication led their crusade to triumphant victories in cities such as London, Newcastle and Edinburgh. Toledo Steel continue to conquer audiences across the country with wave after wave of serrated riffs, infectious choruses and relentless energy creating a unifying heavy metal call to arms. Now armed with a 2nd guitarist, Toledo Steel have charged straight to the studio to release their molten metal and cast their d�but EP.

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