23/05/2014 London’s finest metal

/23/05/2014 London’s finest metal


23/05/2014 London’s finest metal

Overthrow Thrash/Speed
Beneath Dead Waves Thrash/Speed
Door Price (from)

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Attention, East London! Four of the capital's finest metal bands of the moment have joined forces with SINBIN for an exclusive night at the PLOUGH & HARROW in Leytonstone. These are four bands that live and breathe metal and all that for a mere three (!) pounds at the door! BENEATH DEAD WAVES http://www.facebook.com/beneathdeadwaves Having shared the stage with the likes of Monuments, Intronaut and Scale the Summit, Beneath Dead Waves' unrelenting, proggy style of thrash metal continues to electrify their rapidly growing fanbase at every show. Their freshly released debut "Inertia" has received wide acclaim already and if you haven't yet heard it, head over to their page now! JACKKNIFE SEIZURE http://www.facebook.com/jackknifeseizure Jackknife Seizure are a fierce London foursome that finds themselves enthralling audiences wherever they go with powerful, inventive riffs and melodic hooks, bringing stories of all sorts of dark and evil creatures to life. Their first feat of arms is about to roll of the presses but in the meantime, catch them at one of their gigs and throw yourself into the seizure! OVERTHROW http://www.facebook.com/OverthrowUK Overthrow are a force to be reckoned with: their blend of thrash full of groove, brutality and inyourfuckingface, fistpumping, headbanging METAL makes their live shows an experience you won't quickly forget. DON'T THINK, DO! R.I.P. SANITY http://www.facebook.com/RIPSanity R.I.P. Sanity will explode on stage like a bone crushing juggernaut of metal brutality. Prepare to headbang till it feels broken, and smile like a fool while doing so! R.I.P. Sanity will deliver their message and they will do it LOUD with gutwrenching, destructive, angry thrash metal!

Venue Details

The Plough and Harrow


419 High Road
E11 4JU

Contact Info

07535 878 002