25/03/2017 BATTLE KON 2: The Riffening

/25/03/2017 BATTLE KON 2: The Riffening


25/03/2017 BATTLE KON 2: The Riffening

Raised By Owls Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Riggots Alternative
Pulverise Metal
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KHAOZ KITTENZ!! Kringer and the BattleKatz proudly present our SECOND BATTLE KON where we call on the greatest, the scariest, the weirdest, the funniest, and the bravest to play with us and lay waste to peopleメs ears, hearts and minds. Headlining BattleKon 2 are the fantastic, the unholy, the really good at Sunday lunchs *drum roll please** RAISED BY OWLS Grindcore with truly horrifying, and amusing, riffage! These guys create some of the most brutal tunes, and the video for their song モAinsley Harriott advises you to give your meat a good old rubヤ has been viewed 41000 times. He he he Yeah boiiiiii https://raisedbyowls.bandcamp.com/ RELICS a absolutely booming hardcore punk band from Huddersfield. These bombastic nutters are gonna screw up your insides and your brain. If you havenメt checked em out now then hereメs your chance. Oh cheeky! https://relicsriffs.bandcamp.com/ RIGGOTS will be howling up the place too, and theyメre top. So there. 2 piece noisey bastards from Wigan. Like 2 characters from Sesame Street. Only alot weirder. https://riggots.bandcamp.com/ PULVERISE have been showing up on our radar for some time and weメre so happy theyメre going to play. Female fronted Rap Metal from Leeds. Bet you didnメt think they just had gravy did you! The muchrumoured rap battle *could* be taking place! https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=482827531813001 KRINGER AND THE BATTLE KATZ. Party Metal. A mixture of groove metal and hardcore with slamming trombonic beats to make you lose your lunch! It wouldnメt be a BattleKon if the BKZ didnメt play, would it?! https://kringerandthebattlekatz.bandcamp.com/ PETROL BASTARD will be offering something very special to BattleKon 2 with heavy techno dance punk esque beats from Leeds. Weird place it is. We witnessed them at Batfest earlier this year and they will bring some vital shapethrowing for the event. Whatメs that? BEEFY! https://petrolbastard.bandcamp.com/ EYE LICKER a mixture of Hardcore, Punk, Metal and Brutality. Cover your ears! Cover your bowels! These heavy bast*rds gonna rock your town! https://eyelicker.bandcamp.com/ OBSCENE NIHILIST will be present to lay waste to the populace, as expected with their Grindcore slammage. Whether theyメll be conscious (or whether we can wrangle them from retro bar) is another matter entirely. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741888139272067 £7.00 entry. 2pm till 10pm Bring your friends. Bring your Nan. Possible guest apperance from Trevor McDonald. Unconfirmed. Probably not. *****NOTIFICATION FROM BATTLEKON LEGAL TEAM The previous BattleKon on 30/10/16 was unsanctioned by Martin Battle and thus illegitimate. After careful negotiation, BattleKon 2 is sanctioned and officially モBattle Approvedヤ. We thank Mr. Battle for his patience.

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Aatma Venue


11 Stevenson Square
M1 1DB

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