25/07/2015 Summer Of Slam

/25/07/2015 Summer Of Slam


25/07/2015 Summer Of Slam

Exhumation Death
Kryocell Death
Atonement Death
Crepitation Death
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CREPITATION OCD CHAINSAW CASTRATION ATONEMENT KRYOCELL EXHUMATION COLPOCLEISIS £8 OTD S.O.S is all about bringing the best of the Slam Scene to Liverpool!! I know it's only early in the year but we thought we'd give you something to look forward to. Facemelting Entertainment is all about showcasing the best the Metal scene has to offer. And we are proud to present our first showcase celebrating all that is BDM and Slam. And headlining this instalment is the Gargantuan Slam Death Brutality Pioneers Crepitation. This will be a Rare Hometown show for these guys so don't miss out. They are joined by Operation Cunt Destroyer, Chainsaw Castration, Atonement, KryoCell, Exhumation and opening up the Debauchery are Colpocleisis!! Cheers and Beers Facemelting Entertainment

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The Lomax


34 Cumberland Street
L1 6UB