26/08/2015 Guttural Species 2015 UK Tour

/26/08/2015 Guttural Species 2015 UK Tour


26/08/2015 Guttural Species 2015 UK Tour

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NAPALM PROMOTIONS & Fuelled By Fuck of Presents Guttural Species 2015 UK Tour Kraanium Splattered Inherited Suffering Records Bay Area Guttural Slam Low crushing chainsaw guitars, insane "antigravity" snare blasting madness, brutal distorted bass, and the gnarliest puke low guttural vocals possible is what makes up this slam outfit. This four piece out of the East Bay Area are new on the scene and are ready to destroy. CREPITATION Amputated Vein Records UK Gargantuan Slam Brutality Huge slams, gargantuan humour and booze fuelled ideas have led this group of cretins to create some of the most insane songs to appear on the UKDM scene over the years. Back in their birthplace for the first time in years! Visions Of Disfigurement Visions Of Disfigurement are a Slamming Death Metal band based in Manchester, UK. Formed originally as an internet project, summer 2014 saw VOD completing the line up with the addition of a vocalist, bassist and second guitarist. Influenced by Ingested, Kraanium and I Declare War among others. Operation Cunt Destroyer 2 man slam band based in Falkirk/Scotland. Irn Bru fuelled brutality bringing some of the heaviest riffs in an almost grind fashion to the scene.

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Retro Bar


78 Sackville Street
M1 3NJ

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