28/02/2016 Necrosis

/28/02/2016 Necrosis


28/02/2016 Necrosis

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DISENTOMB / VISCERAL DISGORGE / NECROSIS Sun 28th Feb 2016 BRISTOL BIERKELLER Tickets £10adv 7pm ヨ 11pm DISENTOMB www.facebook.com/disentomb www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuXb2ic_24c 2009: Formed, released two track 2009 Promo. 2010: Released debut album Sunken Chambers of Nephilim through Amputated Vein Records. Supported Napalm Death and Dying Fetus. Toured Australia 2011: Played Switzerland's Mountains of Death w/ To Violently Vomit, Defeated Sanity, Putridity, Wormed, Decapitated. Toured United Kingdom w/ Cerebral Bore. 2012: Released 2012 Promo. Toured Australia w/ Cannibal Corpse. Toured Australia w/ Bastardfest/Psycroptic/Bloodduster. Bassist Tom departs. 2013: Jim joins the band on bass. Released two track 2009 promo. 2014: Release second full length album 'Misery' Played Indonesia's largest metal festival, HAMMERSONIC, alongside Morbid Angel, Kreator, Hatebreed VISCERAL DISGORGE www.facebook.com/visceraldisgorge www.youtube.com/watch?v=whl9LUD3BaI From the violenceridden bowels of Baltimore emerges VISCERAL DISGORGE vomiting forth their debut album INGESTING PUTRIDITY. Serving up 9 bloody cuts that will captivate the enthusiasts of brutality everywhere! "Baltimore brutality is an understatement, this local west Baltimore death metal act has been making quite a name for themselves in the underground lately. After many many setbacks they return to the scene full force."citypaper.com NECROSIS www.facebook.com/Necrosisuk www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpfSuIX4BcY are a UK brutal death metal band formed in 2013. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Cerebral Bore, Suffocation and more, Necrosis have achieved a satisfying fusion of technicality and brutality mixed with earcrunching slam riffs. Within the first year of the band playing live shows, Necrosis cemented themselves within the death metal scene with notable appearances at Gothenburg Deathfest, Snuff Fest, supporting Anaal Nathrakh and a minitour with Italian Death Metallers, Logic of Denial. Necrosis move into 2015 with their debut album being recorded and released over the forthcoming months as well as a 5 day tour in England with Kraanium and Carnifloor. They will be appearing on a minitour with Scordatura in March, also at Brutality Over Sanity Deathfest II (United Kingdom Edition), Slam Fest, the legendary Deathfeast in Germany and Flesh Party Open Air Fest in Slovakia. There are more European and UK appearances scheduled for Necrosis this year. 2015 will be another productive and busy year for the band. In October 2013, they selfreleased their 5 track debut EP, "Catatonic Psychosis." Catatonic Psychosis was praised by United Kingdom Extreme Metal in their Top 10 releases of 2013: "...Catatonic Psychosis is as good a death metal release as you are likely to hear for quite some time and given that it is the bandメs debut release makes it all the more impressive. Some bands struggle to write wellconstructed and memorable death metal songs, Necrosis appear to do it with an ease that will bode well for future releases... If you consider yourself to be a death metal fan, then this is a must. Yet another UK band producing a genreleading release, this e.p. comes extremely highly recommended. 9/10." http://ukem666.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/necrosiscatatonicpsychosis.html Necrosis also received another 9/10 review from metalmouth.net: "...Basically if youメre a fan of the likes of Suffocation, Gorgasm and Necrotic Disgorgement, you will want to listen to Catatonic Psychosis on repeat for about a month. This is a band are undoubtedly about to command the undivided attention of the UK death metal scene. Take note kids, this is how to create the perfect brutal death EP. 9/10." http://metalmouth.net/2014/02/necrosiscatatonicpsychosis/

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