30/09/2013 FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays

/30/09/2013 FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays


30/09/2013 FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays

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THE ASTRONAUTS Acoustic Set The Astronauts formed 35 years ago in Welwyn Garden City on the backend of the punk explosion of the 70's. After a history of lineup changes bested only by The Fall, chief songwriter Mark Astronaut is still battling on with his impossible to pigeonhole sound and his blusteringly brilliant anarchist lyrical perspective. The Astronauts dabble in punk, postpunk, electronica, psychedelic rock, indie, jazz and folk without flinching but really it's Mark's lyrics that will get you hooked. Mark is a DIY hero, as inventive, uncompromising and youthful (21 this year) as ever. The Astronaut's general aversion to being hip has always kept them as one of the UKs best kept musical secrets so catch them live soon before they vanish back into the suburbs. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/acidstings/ASTRONAUTS.htm.html https://www.facebook.com/TheAstronautsBand THE DUEL 10.45 11pm London based "Fusing the acerbic power of their peers in the classic punk scene with the melody and synth sounds of their own New Wave sensibilities to create what they've termed 'Now Wave'. Soundtrack To The End Of The World is a credible piece of imagination with its tracks nothing less than satisfying and enthralling. The Duel has been to the fore of UK punk for the past few years and shows no signs of leaving their position to anyone else as the album proves". 5th album coming soon! https://www.facebook.com/thedueluk?fref=ts FREEDOM FACTION Freedom Faction is Nick Grant, Jez Arnold (aka Strang), Tom Maddox and Adam Fudge. We have an oldschool punk sound and are currently writing a shedload of new songs. We've just completed our first full album, entitled "Another Quality Caper", 11 tracks of pure punk. We also have two other CDs, the first EP "We Present You With These..." and the second called "Hear Some More". Get in touch if want any copies. We're always out and about gigging, so find out if we're gonna be near you soon...... Come along to a gig, share a Jack or two and get blown away..... https://www.facebook.com/freedomfactionpunk?fref=ts QUILLA CONSTANCE Quilla Constance is a performance artist, satirist, electronicapunk singer, songwriter, lyricist, cellist and costumemaker/designer...oh, and she also directs and edits her own pop videos. https://www.facebook.com/quilla.constance SARAH PINK'S REBELLION https://www.facebook.com/SarahPinksPunkGardeningRebellion?fref=ts COMPERE : BART BARTON as The Spirit of Andy Warhol compering and doing interviews https://www.facebook.com/pages/DearAndy/109559979102809?fref=ts DJ toby woby & Thierum

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12 Bar Club


Denmark Street

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