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Genre Death
Year formed 2005

Burial is a 3 piece blackened death metal band with character and individuality. The members of Burial strive for excellence, constantly pushing themselves in the pursuit of bleak, ferocious and ambient music. Intricacy and simplicity seamlessly intertwine throughout each piece, combining traditional metal with new ideas and approaches to music.

In 2005 Burial formed, quickly gaining popularity and a name in the underground scene. The last five years have been more than eventful. Burial have played live gigs from their inception and have always had a strong emphasis on the quality of their live performances.

Burial is receiving recognition for its unique and incomparable sound. The band received an excellent demo review from Zero Tolerance magazine who stated that Burial are “…high quality, both in writing and performance” and are “fast and heavy without sacrificing loss of atmosphere”. Burial has been featured on Black Metal Radio’s playlists and were voted ninth best unsigned band by Terrorizer magazine readers.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

25/02/2017 Manchester Ancient Ascendant
22/07/2015 Liverpool StarGazer
28/02/2015 Manchester John's 21st - FREE GIGFoetal Juice
26/04/2014 London Burial
02/03/2014 Manchester FOAD Festival 2014 Day 2Necrophagia
12/12/2013 Manchester Ninkharsag
11/07/2013 Liverpool Vomitor
28/04/2013 Liverpool Vomitor
11/04/2013 Liverpool Endstille
01/03/2013 London Zatokrev
21/02/2013 Birmingham Haar
06/01/2013 Manchester The Great Old Ones
10/12/2012 Manchester Art Of Burning Water