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Genre Death
Year formed 1983
Home Town Originally Chicago, now Uherske Hradiste
Country USA, and now Czech Republic

Master was formed in 1983 and was seminal in defining the death metal genre alongside acts such as Death, Possessed, Slaughter...
Influenced by the harsh sounds of Venom,Motorhead,Hellhammer, and Celtic Frost, they spawned influential recordings under the moniker of Death Strike ( Fuckin' Death Demo ) and Master.

In 1985 Master obtained a record deal with Combat Records and recorded their self titled album, which unfortunately did not get an official release till 1990 due to contractual conflicts.
However the tapes illegally leaked out of the studio and went through the infamous tape trading circuit which then gave Master a very strong reputation in the Underground Death / Thrash scene leading them to sign with the label Nuclear Blast Records which enabled the band to release the self titled lp and their second masterpiece lp: On the Seventh Day God Created Master!
Since then the band has been releasing albums and touring the world with other death metal acts such as Obituary, Macabre, Fleshless...

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