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Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2005
Home Town Hamar/Grimstad
Country Norway

Deathhammer formed in 2005 with the aim to spread evil metal in the name of the ancient gods......KILL THE FALSE assaults:

 Barbaric Onslaught (demo tape) 2006

Savage Poser Hunt (demo tape) 2006

Wrath of the Antichrist (demo tape) 2007

Forever Ripping fast EP (Witches brew) 2008

Phantom Knights full-lenght (Witches brew) 2010

Deathhammer/Körgull the Exterminator - When the Hammer Strikes......The Exterminator Arrives!!! 7" split (Duplicate records) 2011

Deathhammer/Nosferatu - The Lust Supper 12" split (Heavy forces records) 2012

Onward to the Pits full-length (Hells headbangers) 2012

also participated on:

Sabbat - Charisma/25 Years of Black Fire (covering the song "Black Metal Volcano")
Heavy Metal Hell - A tribute to Metalucifer (covering the song "Fallen Angel")


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