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Genre Black
Year formed 2012
Home Town Ipswich
Country Uk

In late 2012 Krieg, Metzger and Destruction (ex Eastern Front) formed Stahlsarg, a black metal/death metal band influenced by the brutal campaigns and battles of WW2. Having toured throughout the UK & Europe in their previous band Eastern Front (Candlelight Records), playing as well as headlining various festivals, supporting bands such as: Sepultura, Cradle of Filth, W.A.S.P, Primordial, Swallow the Sun, Shining, Taake, Belphegor ,Lord Belial, Orange Goblin, Graveworm, Blaze Bayley, Primal Fear, Hate, Helheim and many others. Stahlsarg set out to forge a new path of destruction, taking inspiration lyrically from the campaigns of World War II. Stahlsarg create their own brand of blackened death metal, infusing broad influences from black/death metal to classical music as well as their interests in war and it’s horrors to create their unique sound. Metzger, Krieg and Destruction wrote music and lyrics on the Eastern Front debut album ‘Blood on snow’ which gained numerous 9/10 reviews. The new Phoenix which is Stahlsarg shall rise from the Eastern Front ashes they left behind. Members: Metzger - Vocals Krieg - Guitars Destruction - Bass Angriff - Drums

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

28/07/2017 Nottingham Stahlsarg
30/10/2015 London Endstille
29/10/2015 Brighton Endstille
01/08/2015 London Enthroned
21/05/2014 London Mayhem
13/07/2013 London Funeral Throne