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Genre Alternative
Year formed 2010
Home Town Helsinki
Country Finland

"Elements of a gloomier Joy Division, an angrier Echo & The Bunnymen, a medicated Killing Joke and even a lush layering of Peter Murphy"

With what calls "bissel Schmutz," Beastmilk were born of a Nuclear winter in Helsinki Finland in 2010. Featuring members of Hexvessel, Rainbowlicker, Bolt, Våld and Spiderpact, these void-mothers kick out an irradiated dust of what they appropriately dub "apocalyptic post-punk."
Their debut demo "White Stains On Black Tape" sold out pretty fast and earned the attention of Darkthrone's Fenriz, who made it one of his favorites of 2010. 
Metal Hammer Germany wrote that "Beastmilk sounds like the secret recording from a psychedelic mass, located stylistically between Roky Erickson, early Misfits and The Devil's Blood."
They quickly gained the recognition of Finnish label Svart Records and inked a deal to repress the demo on wax along with their next release, both on 7" vinyl.

"wicked . . .trippy . .dreamy . . .and pretty fucking epic" said rocknreelreviews about their follow-up 7" "Use Your Deluge," and called it "downer death-rock, heavily indebted to the ilks of early CHRISTIAN DEATH and similar noctambulant cobweb-mongers."

The band played their first show with local old-school legends, and noted band influences, Nolla Nolla Nolla & Radiopuhelimet, following up with plenty of live shows both in Finland and abroad with an exclusive show at the Metal Magick festival in Denmark. In June 2013 they will fly out to Boston, USA, to record at GodCity Studio with the legendary Kurt Ballou (Converge), who will produce their debut full-length album. The recording will be released in the autumn on LP, CD and digital, worldwide, by Svart Records. Fall in with the fall-out and get down with Beastmilk!

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19/10/2014 Bristol In Solitude
18/10/2014 Manchester In Solitude
16/10/2014 Glasgow In Solitude
15/10/2014 London In Solitude
05/05/2014 London Doomriders
04/05/2014 Bristol Temples Festival Day 3Clutch
19/10/2013 London Live Evil FestivalSatan