Band Details

Dying Fetus

Genre Death
Year formed 1991
Home Town Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Country USA

Formed in 1991, DYING FETUS have matured into one of the premiere extreme death metal/grindcore acts to emerge from the massive global metal underground. The band is recognized worldwide as a prime example of songwriting perfection, combining an innovative mix of technical virtuosity and catchy song structures to create the ultimate blend of death metal, hardcore and grind.  

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

06/11/2017 London Dying Fetus
05/11/2017 Glasgow Dying Fetus
03/11/2017 Bristol Dying Fetus
23/11/2014 London Dying Fetus
22/11/2014 Wolverhampton Dying Fetus
21/11/2014 Manchester Dying Fetus
19/11/2014 Glasgow Dying Fetus
18/11/2014 Cardiff Dying Fetus
17/11/2014 Brighton Dying Fetus
12/08/2013 London Dying Fetus
23/09/2012 London Dying Fetus
21/09/2012 Glasgow Dying Fetus
20/09/2012 Manchester Dying Fetus
19/09/2012 Reading Dying Fetus
18/09/2012 Birmingham Dying Fetus
17/09/2012 Norwich Dying Fetus
16/09/2012 Brighton Dying Fetus
09/03/2011 Birmingham Bonecrusher FestivalDying Fetus