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Genre Unclassified
Year formed 2011
Home Town Bergamo
Country Italy

Hibagon is heavy and loud two-piece act born in may 2011.

The musical character of the band is the result of a unity of purposes that channels the energy of a heavy sound in irregular textures, bringing it back to the listener in distorted and polyrhytmic frames.

In October 2011 Hibag?n - Dowi (Guitar, Loops) and Jabo (Drums, Didgeridoo) - has recorded a 7 songs EP that collects the works of the first months of existence: ?Hibag?n VS Monsters Spewed from Time’s Stomach to Clutch the Universe in a Mortal Slime?.

During the spring of 2014, after two years of intense live activity, strenghtened the impact and furtherly deconstructed the song-form, the duo records the new EP “Hibagon and the Quest for the Creature Previously Known as Moughra the Guardian”: a 5 chapters novel, strongly sci-fi-influenced, out on 11 October 2014 on Fumaio Records.

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10/03/2015 Birmingham Slab