10/03/2015 Women

/10/03/2015 Women


10/03/2015 Women

Women Rock
Hibagon Unclassified
Baron Greenback Doom/Drone/Stoner
Slab Hardcore
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The mighty SLAB are joining Sirius for some midweek madness, joined by Baron Greenback and Hibagon! SLAB: 'A death metal growl, wrapped in swathes of dark melody, turned up to 11 and guided by a hardcore punk attitude.' Conceived in 2005 by cousins Big Jim Fletcher and Andy 'Kimbo' Kimberley (Bass and drums respectively), and guitarist/vocalist Jake Cowing SLAB combine death, progressive, hardcore and punk influences whilst still focusing on good songwriting. The Power Trio (and 'Power' is a MASSIVE understatement!) have clocked up hundreds of gigs and thousands of miles performing across the UK, Ireland, Greece and as far as Malta, and still managing to record three earth shatteringly good albums, the latest of which 'Ten Human Jawbones' was released in August 2014. www.ontheslab.co.uk BARON GREENBACK Formed in 2009 and don't work well with labels.. Sometimes they're heavy, sometimes bluesy, sometimes sludgy but almost always funky, the Barons play music which is just second nature to them and at the end of their set you'll wanna do it all over again. The band has recorded its first album and continues to gig with the likes of Church of Misery, EHG, Graveyard, Honky, Karma to Burn, Kylesa, Orange Goblin and a host of others. www.facebook.com/pages/BaronGreenback/216700451675928 HIBAGON are joining us on tour from Italy, they are a 2 piece who like to play loud and heavy, their latest EP モHibagon and the Quest for the Creature Previously Known as Moughra the Guardianヤ is the first sign that they're a bit mental, and that's why i love them! The 5 track, scifi influenced opus is choc full of distorted polyrythmic madness and some pretty catchy hooks and is the second EP following on from 2011's ?Hibag?n VS Monsters Spewed from Timeメs Stomach to Clutch the Universe in a Mortal Slime?. www.facebook.com/Hibagon1 hibagon.bandcamp.com WOMEN http://womentheband.bandcamp.com/ "For such a machosounding band, Women are the last thing that spring to mind. The Black Country trioメs tectonic rumble is fused by halfstoned, fullon boogies that comprise the most abrasive elements of punk and metal; its organic and monstrous music, devoid of bullshit." ChybuccaSounds.com I know it's a tuesday night, but it's a nice way to break up the week!

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Scruffy Murphy’s


42 Dale End
B4 7LN

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0121 236 2035