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Dying Fetus European Tour

Dying Fetus have announced a European tour based around all their European Festivals including Bloodstock Festival on 11th August 2013.  They will play the London barfly on the 12th August.

Yes you read that correctly DYING FETUS IN THE BARFLY.  The tiny venue is up in the far reaches of Camden past the lock market, this should be pretty insane, i'm sure if a...

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Motorhead live review Bournemouth

At a time when even long established metal media seem inclined to push floppy-fringed, full-body-inked formulaic screamo/deathcore (whatever the fuck that means) at their readership, it is heartening to note that the kids are not all taken in by such bollocks.

Motorhead have never fitted in. Anywhere. Lemmy stands by the mantra of being “rock n' roll”, never identifying his band as heavy metal. His audience has always comprised a motley crew of punks, crusties, metal-heads, thrashers and...

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Alice Cooper Bloodstock 2012 review

A surprising number of Bloodstock-ers were up early on a Sunday, i.e. before lunch, and shook off their hangovers in glorious sunshine to the sound of Canada's Kobra & The Lotus. They are influenced by classic British metal and blonde-maned vocalist Kobra has a powerful set of lungs on her. Maybe she was having an off-day but her range seemed a bit limited and her use of wobbly vibrato did not compensate. After a couple of songs it became irritating. (NH)


Meanwhile another female-fronted band were well and truly rocking the New Blood tent. From Ruin, winners of the Dorset leg of Bloodstock's battle of the bands contest Metal 2 The Masses, had already impressed on the Jagermeister acoustic stage on Saturday. This was a proper loud show and they were excellent. Mixing traditional metal with elements of thrash, the guys on the instruments make a great sound.


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Bloodstock crowd

Bloodstock 2012: Saturday

Words by Nicholas Holmes, Gary Lukes and Antony Roberts

Benediction walk on stage (or should that be hobble - Dave Hunt had a broken foot) to greet us for what they described as "a Death Metal breakfast".  Well "please sir can I have some more?", because if breakfast was like the set Benediction treated us to then I'd be jumping out of bed every morning.

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Behemoth Bloodstock 2012 review


Our Friday commences with Swedish heavy metal Vikings GRAND MAGUS, kicking into “Kingslayer” beneath the rare combination of a Swedish flag and the sweltering sun. There‘s something familiar and reassuringly kick-arse about the music. “Hammer of the North“ turns into the world’s biggest pub sing-along, while “Like the Oar Strikes the Water” could be Judas Priest on a longboat. As an impressively hairy JB swings 

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