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Jon Davis of Conan

If someone asks me about what new bands to check out one of the first bands out of my mouth every time for the last few years has been Conan. Since my cohorts Gary and Colum introduced Conan to me i've been listening to them non stop waiting for each new release.  Their demos, splits and albums have changed my very definition of heavy.  Whilst their studio releases have been jaw droppingly heavy it's their monstrous and LOUD live shows that gets everyone talking. Earplugs are a must unless you want several days of tinnitus, which some fans seems happy to deal with.  From playing smaller shows throughout the UK they have gone on to play the likes of Damnation Festival and what is now quite the legendary performance at Roadburn Festival in 2012.  Fans from across the continent crammed into the...

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Behemoth Bloodstock 2012 review


Our Friday commences with Swedish heavy metal Vikings GRAND MAGUS, kicking into “Kingslayer” beneath the rare combination of a Swedish flag and the sweltering sun. There‘s something familiar and reassuringly kick-arse about the music. “Hammer of the North“ turns into the world’s biggest pub sing-along, while “Like the Oar Strikes the Water” could be Judas Priest on a longboat. As an impressively hairy JB swings 

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