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A very short Roadburn Afterburner review

Blood Farmers Roadburn afterburner metalgigs 2011

Afterburner – 3 days had taken it’s toll and so most of the afterburner was spent missing bands, catching up with friends and generally feeling very beat.

I spent most of the sets by Spindrift, Sungrazer and Blood Farmers in a daze half asleep really exhausted from the rest of the festival, and too tired to enjoy it.

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Roadburn – Day 3 in words and pics

candlemass roadburn 2011

Candlemass opened proceedings and owned the stage, walking on to Marche Funebre then straight into Mirror Mirror.  They started off with Robert Lowe singing but after around 5 songs he then asked if the audience wanted to see something they’d never seen before. He was going to do a magic trick and said watch me disappear offstage, before leaving and I started to get very excited...

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Roadburn – Day 2 in words and pics

Keijo Haino Roadburn 2011

I couldn’t get in for Year of No Light at the Midi Theatre. This was really disappointed after missing them the day before due to clashes.  It had been moved forward by 15 minutes from the original schedule and was already rammed when we arrived. Those I spoke to that saw it said it was amazing...

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Roadburn – Day 1


Roadburn 2011 for me opened with Alcest on the live stage and having seen a storming set at London’s Purple Turtle last year I was keen to catch them again.  I’ve never experienced sound issues in any of the previous 3 roadburns attended which is really impressive for a festival set up with so many bands but the second guitar was lacking for the first few songs.  By the time Percees De Lumiere was played though it seemed to have been sorted and they were nothing short of amazing...

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Beta Site Launched!

Metal Gigs is an on going project and this is the BETA release version!

The plan is to eventually bring you the most up to date gig listings, news, festival reviews, band info, promoter info and venue info and loads more.

Coming soon!

  • Search gigs by genre (within 2 weeks)
  • Search gigs on distance from a UK post code
  • Band pages
  • Promoter pages
  • Promoters and approved users will be able to add gigs
  • More venues
  • Continual gig and music news

New features and fixes are being added every day.

If you have news or dates you want to share, get in touch.

We are also asking anyone and everyone to give us feedback about the site!

Use our contact or Facebook page now!

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Boris are coming to the UK

News just in the almighty Boris are coming to the UK again. But it gets better - the tour will also include Russian Circles, lineup city right there!!

Dates thus far are:
19th June London Ulu
20th June Manchester Islington Mill
21st June The Croft Bristol

Sure it will be a bit close to Hellfest for some of you but these are going to be insane and amazing shows.

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