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Live Review: The Devil’s Blood, Camden Underworld, Friday 25th November 2011

The Devils Blood Camden Underworld London metal gigs gig listings review

The Devil's Blood.
Camden Underworld, Friday 25th November 2011

Words and photos by Antony Roberts

Search on the internet, or in past magazines for gig reviews for The Devil's Blood, and you will find write ups of the few shows they have played, hailing them as one of the shows of a lifetime.  I'm one of those souls that have stumbled on the band late, very late.  Reading all the furore about past shows I thought it about high time I go see this band in the flesh.

The Underworld was certainly busy, but not as packed as i've seen other shows, which surprised me greatly with the utterly fanatic reviews their live shows have received.  The print press has been pouring over them recently with large interviews in Zero Tolerance and Terrorizer in the last month or two.  To be fair

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Live Review: Serpent Venom, Conan, Grimpen Mire, at Hobgoblin, Angel, 26th November 2011

Serpent Venom Hobgoblin Angel gig listings metal gigs

Serpent Venom, Conan, Grimpen Mire
Hobgoblin, Angel, London 26th November 2011

Words and Photos by Antony Roberts

This gig was originally meant to take place at The Black Heart in Camden, but was switched in the last week or two before the event to the Hobgoblin in Angel.  A new venue for this metalhead, so off I went to try and locate said pub.  Situated conveniently close to Angel station, initial impressions were good.  It was a reasonable size, smaller than the Unicorn which also hosts free gigs in London, but large enough to mean the bands had brought some serious backline with them.  Drinks were reasonably priced (for London) and bar staff were cheery enough.  Anyway enough about the venue, onto the bands!

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Live Review: Candlefest 2011 with Anaal Nathrakh, Altar Of Plagues, Winterfylleth

Candlefest live gig review camden underworld gig listings


Candlefest 2011 - London Camden Underworld - Saturday, 12 November 2011

By Gary Lukes

Photos by Antony Roberts

Long regarded as one the bastions of the underground metal scene, it’s possible that Candlelight has never shone as bright as in recent years. Having bolstered its impressive roster with some of the finest international artists, you could be forgiven for forgetting some of the acts closer to home. That's why nights like these remind you with stinging clarity just how strong the scene is in the UK and Ireland.

Commencing proceedings were

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Vulcano UK Tour – Exeter date now to be a half dayer with Desecration and many more

Dumnomia Extreme Vulcano Desecration Monolithian Necroriser Human Cull gig listings exeter cavern gig listings

Terry from South West Metal Events has got in touch to let us know that the Exeter Vulcano date has now been made even more special than it already was.


The Cavern Club date has been turned into a mini festival of sorts with doors opening at 4pm and a plethora of bands now playing including Wales' Desecration, Necroriser, Human Cull and Monolithian (who we only just discovered and like alot!).

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Hatesphere announce 2 UK dates

Hatesphere UK tour Gehtika gig listings metal gigs


Hatesphere have announced 2 UK dates at The Well (Leeds) and Camden Underworld (London) in support of their latest release The Great Bludgeoning.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, shame on you, whilst they've remained fairly underground

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