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Angel Witch announce London date with Grand Magus for 2012 at Relentless Garage

Angel Witch Grand Magus London Garage 2012 gig listings metal gigs

Angel Witch who very recently headlined the awesome Live Evil festival have announced a London date for next March.


But don't get over excited yet, cause it gets even better, Grand Magus who killed at both Damnation and High Voltage festivals this year, have been announced as support.


There are more special guests yet to be added to this too!  Here's the official word so far

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Zero Tolerance Magazine announces Winterfest

Winterfest Winterfylleth London purple turtle gig listings metal gigs

Zero Tolerance magazine have just announced Winterfest coming to London's Purple Turtle on the 15th December.


Anyone that witnessed Winterfylleth's recent performance at Candlefest will know the band are seriously on form at the moment and this gig is not to be missed.


Tickets are priced at £7.50 and available through with doors at 7pm and giveaways through the night...

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Live Review: Gorgoroth, Vader, Valkyrja, The Sickening, Camden Underworld, 14th November

Vader live review Camden underworld london 2011 metal gigs gig listingsVader

Gorgoroth, Vader, Valkyrja and The Sickening, live at Camden Underworld, Monday 14th November 2011

Live review and photos by Antony Roberts

Arriving late the first support band The Sickening, could already be heard from outside.  Coming into the downstairs bar I was hit with the sounds of slammy grooves, drums and bass, but unfortunately my excitement was short lived.  Venturing into the main room I was met with

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Live Review: Damnation Festival 2011, Leeds University

Grand Magus Damnation festival 2011 review metal gigs gig listings


Damnation Festival - Saturday, 5th November 2011.

Leeds University

By Gary Lukes

Photos by Antony Roberts

When vocalist Som was unable to make her plane from the Netherlands, death metal miscreants Cerebral Bore were faced with two of the most primeval reactions known to man; fight or flight. Like true Glaswegians, they chose the former.

Unable to shift their set to a later slot, the ‘Bore opted instead to play a short instrumental set, offering their apologies and bounding straight into the brutality of “The Bald Cadaver”. Credit where credit’s due; lesser bands would have taken the easy route and pulled out of the event. But Cerebral Bore have rightly earned their status as one of the hardest working bands in the underground today, managing to incite a bigger pit than most bands could muster all day.

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Interview: Nine Covens

Nine Covens Interview metal gigs gig listings

Search the net and you’ll find very little about Nine Covens, a band shrouded in mystery…

"Featuring current and ex-members of some of the key extreme bands from the last decade, Nine Covens came together to explore the darker, more brooding aspects of Black Metal and in doing so have created a virulent, belligerent and passionate account of the weakness that exists in humanity.

Their need to challenge these human failings and those of all enemies of reason have resulted in their debut album …On The Coming Of Darkness. A confrontation to the eternally weak and all who follow without question to reflect on themselves and consider an alternative."

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Live review: Monarch, Pagan Altar, Sea Bastard, Brighton

Monarch green door store brighton review gig listings metal gigs

Words: Antony Roberts

Photos: Antony Roberts (Monarch/Pagan Altar), Neil Shaw (Sea Bastard)


It was Halloween and this always means there is a slew of Metal gigs around the UK.

Brighton had a night of doom in the form of Pagan Altar and Sea Bastard with a free after show featuring France's Monarch.

We headed over to the Green Door Store, a fairly recently opened venue conveniently situated directly underneath Brighton train Station.  Much like Camden's Unicorn this venue

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