WIN Saxon’s Heavy Metal Thunder Digipak, CD or VINYL!!!!

//WIN Saxon’s Heavy Metal Thunder Digipak, CD or VINYL!!!!

Saxon Heavy Metal Thunder DVD competition


Saxon have just released Heavy Metal Thunder live coming in a ton of formats and we’ve got copies up for grabs!!!

We have already got a copy of the digipack and the CD up for grabs. We also have a copy of the Vinyl on it’s way, but this is coming from Germany and should be here soon.

Read through to the bottom to find out how you can be in with a chance to win…


Heavy Metal Thunder – Live – Eagles over Wacken is available in several formats, including vinyl.  The release features DVD highlights from Saxon‘s Wacken shows in 2004, 2007 and 2009 comprising 30 songs, plus a live CD from Glasgow in 2011. The British heavy metal legends perform all their unforgettable classics, from Denim & Leather and Metalhead to Heavy Metal Thunder and from Princess Of The Night to Crusader, for the 75,000 strong audience of the traditional German gathering.


“When we first played Wacken, it was a small festival with a small stage in a small field, driven by nothing more than raw enthusiasm, which appealed very much to us!“ says Biff Byford, Saxon‘s venerable frontman, “it started as fans putting on a festival for fans, and now it‘s fair to say that it is to Heavy Metal what the Donington Festival used to be. That was the iconic heavy metal festival of the 80s, and Wacken is the iconic heavy metal festival of ‘now‘. And when the eagle comes down at Wacken, when it opens up over the audience, it is always an electric moment for those there” comments frontman Biff Byford referring to the famous Saxon metal eagle, now a symbol of both Wacken and Saxon’s history.


One of the best ever live metal bands and one of the best ever live metal Festivals come together, in a package sure to satisfy the most demanding fan and the youngest heavy metal follower wanting to get his hands on a piece of the genre’s glorious past.


2 CD + 1 DVD Digipack 


1 DVD: Best Of W:O:A (2004/2007/2009)

2 bonus audio CDs: Glasgow Live, April 14th 2011



B E ST  O F  W:O:A  2 00 9,  ‘07, ‘04 


01    Battalions Of Steel

02    Heavy Metal Thunder

03    Metalhead

04    Let Me Feel Your Power

05    To Hell And Back Again

06     If I Was You

07    Killing Ground

08    Unleash The Beast

09    Dogs Of War

10     Rock  ‘n’ Roll Gypsy

11    Travellers In Time

12    The Eagle Has Landed

13    747 (Strangers In The Night)

14    Dallas 1 p.m.

15    Witchfinder

16     Solid Ball Of Rock

17    20.000 Feet

18    Red Star Falling

19    Rock The Nations

20    The Power And The Glory

21    Stallions Of The Highway

22     Live To Rock

23    And The Bands Played On

24    Princess Of The Night

25     I‘ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)

26    Attila The Hun

27    Denim And Leather

28    Ashes To Ashes

29    Crusader

30    Wheels Of Steel




01    Hybrid (Intro)

02    Hammer Of The Gods

03    Heavy Metal Thunder

04    Back In 79

05    Never Surrender

06    I‘ve Got To Rock  (To Stay Alive)

07    Dallas 1 p.m.

08    Call To Arms

09   Solid Ball of Rock

10    Demon Sweeney Todd

11     And The Bands Played On

12     Man And Machine

13    Play It Loud

14    When Doomsday Comes

(Hybrid Theory)

15     To Hell And Back Again

16    Motorcycle Man

17     Denim And Leather

18    Princess Of The Night

19    Crusader

20    747 (Strangers In The Night)

21    The Eagle Has Landed

22    20,000 Feet

23    Strong Arm Of The Law

24    Wheels Of Steel


Amaray 1 DVD


• Best Of W:O:A (2004/2007/2009)


2 CD (Jewel Case)


• W:O:A 2009 – Fan‘s Choice Set list


W:O:A  2 00 9 – FA N‘S  CHOICE SE T LIST  – F U LL  SHO W



01    Battalions Of Steel

02    Let Me Feel Your Power

03    Lion Heart

04    Strong Arm Of The Law

05    Killing Ground

06    Metalhead

07    Wheels Of Steel

08    Unleash The Beast

09    Dogs Of War

10     Rock  ‘n‘ Roll Gypsy

11    Rock The Nations

12    Motorcycle Man

13    Forever Free

14    Solid Ball Of Rock

15    Crusader

16    The Power And The Glory 

17     Princess Of The Night

18    Heavy Metal Thunder

19     Live To Rock

20    747 (Strangers In The Night)

21    Stallions Of The Highway

22    Denim And Leather


3 X VINYL LP 12” Gatefold 


• W:O:A 2009 – Fan‘s Choice Set list





26.05.2012 London – Hammersmith – Apollo (with Judas Priest)

09.06 2012 Donington – Download Festival 


To be in with a chance head over to our facebook page and follow the instructions



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