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LIVE REVIEW: Marduk and Immolation at Camden Underworld London

Marduk camden underworld live review

American death metal titans Immolation and Sweden’s very own black metal warmongers Marduk; two perfect paragons of scorching sacrilege over the last couple of decades. Seemingly a world apart, brought together in The Underworld. Surely a match made in hell?

But first, the support, and a late arrival meant missing Dead Beyond Buried. France’s Forgotten World are a curious case, drenched in corpse paint, they look as grim as Satan’s testicles. Yet, close your eyes and you are left with a melodeath band with a

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Album Review: Dragged Into Sunlight – Widowmaker

Dragged Into Sunlight Widowmaker review Prosthetic records

Dragged into Sunlight’s brand of misanthropy spreads forth from Liverpool like some dark disease, utterly terrifying and yet dangerously infectious. Widowmaker is Dragged into Sunlight’s first full release since 2009’s incredible Hatred for mankind: Although the band are keen to point out it isn’t a direct successor. 

Indeed It's difficult to relate Widowmaker with the raging slab of misanthropy that was Hatred for Mankind. It's difficult because as soul destroying and intense as HFM was, Widowmaker just towers above it. It's utterly mesmerising, captivating and like nothing else I remember hearing, a master class in suspense, tension that would have Hitchcock applauding and asking them how they managed to do that. 

If Satan himself made music, he’d struggle to create something as truly terrifying as Widowmaker. It really isn't for the faint hearted, I'll be surprised if it doesn't come

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Album Review: Ash Borer – Cold Of Ages

Ash Borer Cold Of Ages Review Profound Lore

American black metal has over the last decade become something of a contested area, a battlefield of buzzwords and controversy in which terminology such as "hipster", "post-black metal" and other such frequently insulting and less frequently endearing descriptions and (sub-sub) genre tags are haphazardly employed, refuted and subsequently discussed. Bands such as Liturgy and Deafheaven and for different reasons artists associated with the Crepusculo Negro & Rhinocervs labels have over and over again been criticised and defended by a multitude of parties and in 2012 the argument has largely become over-burnt, stale and tired with many having quite simply stopped caring. 

A loosely congruent collection of musicians based largely, although surprisingly not entirely, in and around the Pacific Northwest of the USA have too been shown a particular degree of attention in recent years, with bands such as Wolves in the

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Dylan Carson (of Earth) UK dates coming very soon

Dylan Carson UK tour earth

Dylan Carson (of Earth) is heading back to the UK for a string of solo dates.  If you've caught him live before you know these shows are going to be awesome.  If you haven't then go and see what all the fuss is about.  Here's what promoters One Inch Badge had to say about the upcoming dates:

We are extremely excited about the impending tour of intimate venues from a real musical pioneer; an artist whose vision and inventiveness has made an indelible mark on the landscape of modern guitar music over a career spanning two decades of output with Seattle drone / doom originators EARTH. 

DYLAN CARLSON’s solo work combines field recordings with classic Scotch/English ballads about human/fairy encounters Carlson's first solo outing is a journey through his personal and cultural past embracing music, folklore, the occult dimension and history. These very special shows 

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