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Damnation Festival 2012 Review

Electric Wizard Damnation Festival 2012 review

We’re back in the labyrinthine halls and corridors of Leeds University, looking forward to a day full of good music and wondering where the bloody hell the toilets are. For one day, the masses of the great unwashed are supplanted by a legion of black clothes and lank hair. It must be Damnation. 

It‘s barely past lunchtime, but the third stage in The Mine is already melting under the crusty roar of Ravens Creed (apostrophe be damned). Dedicating a nasty “Stand Up and Be Cunted” to the early crowd, the band blast like the bile-spewing bastard sons of Venom and Discharge. The heaving thrash n’ groove of tracks like “Bloodbath” bulldozing the cobwebs of last night‘s pre-party with the force of a thousand Alka-Seltzers.

Northampton’s Atrocity Exhibit walk onstage under an unbearable hail of feedback; and things only proceed to get more repulsive. Attacking the growing numbers with relentless bursts of

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EP Review: Masochist – The Extent Of Human Error

Masohist the extent of human error review UKEM Records

Masochist are a Death/Grind band hailing from the U.K. This is the debut release E.P from this 4 piece from West Yorkshire. It has always seemed that the U.S and Sweden get all the credit for producing the best in Death Metal, but the U.K has a fine tradition of producing quality bands down the years, and this is the next generation. 

Whether by accident, or as I expect by intention, they have been very clever with this 4 track release. You see Masochist have been able to cover most styles of Death Metal, here with a liberal coating of Grind. A film clip intro opens ‘Born Fucked’ which then pummels you with brutal Death Metal of the rapid variety. This morphs on to give that 90’s guitar & bass Floridian sound so typical, particularly to our American cousins. Guttural growls sway into tortured pig squeals mid way as the speed becomes a more hefty chug. The drummer’s, at times, octopod style making use of what sounds like the whole kit to full effect. The speed then returns for the finale and suddenly 

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Album Review: Nidingr – Greatest Of Deceivers

Nidingr greatest of deceivers album review

This is the band founded by Teloch more recently of Mayhem fame but featuring current or ex members of the likes of 1349, Dodheimsgard (DHG) and God Seed amongst others. ’Greatest Of Deceivers’ (G.O.D see what they have done there!) being their third full length album from these Extreme Metal Norwegians. Cover art for those who are interested is by Metastazis who has created covers for Watain, Ulver and Blut Aus Nord to name a few.

They have honed their brand of Black/Death Metal even further since the first and the second albums and on first listening it took me back a number of years as the Dodheimsgard (DHG) style of music passed over my aural receptors. This is complex and technical Metal writhing like an angry snake with pace and tempo changes around every corner. The various layers to each track like the jangling guitar, blistering, blasting drums, rumbling bass line and the hoarsely screamed vocals as it kicks

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Album Review: Void Paradigm

Void paradigm debut album review

Void Paradigm hail from France and this self titled affair is their debut album release. Having an ex-vocalist of Bethlehem in the ranks had me intrigued to hear their brand of Black Metal that they refer to as ‘hypnotic and dodecatonic‘.

The first track ’Chao Ab Chao’ kicks in with buzzing guitar riffage overlaid with a repetitive melody slightly off key to the rest of the music that proceeds to change up and down the chords. I am a big admirer of Fleurety and I was hoping this was going to go off on a similar tangent but it was not to be. At this point I started to realise something didn’t seem right. Rapid rip speed drumming creating a backdrop to the track and then in come the vocals. I was expecting tortured banshee like screams but instead a more Melodic Death or Dark metal style greeted my ears. I gave the track more time into which, at a  point, into a slower more rocking pace, not dissimilar to

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Desertfest 2013 tickets on sale now

Desertfest 2013 tickets on sale now

Lowrider & Dozer Reform For Desertfest 2013! Pentagram Announced And Tickets Available Now For Just £85! 

The time has finally come and the wait is over.  Desertfest 2013 tickets are now available and we have a feeling that they are going to sell out rather fast. Early bird tickets sold out in a matter of hours and with the strength of the line up to date Desertfest is certain to sell out way before show time.

Desertfest are extremely happy to have persuaded Dozer and Lowrider to reform at take to the stage exclusivley for Desertfest 2013 and recent announcement 

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LIVE REVIEW: Devin Townsend – Newcastle and Cambridge – The Retinal warm up shows

Devin Townsend Newcastle Cambridge live review

A year ago Devin Townsend had barely finished a four-night run of London gigs bringing together his then most recent albums and playing them in full. Without a pause for breath an even grander spectacle was announced in the English capital for a few days before Hallowe'en 2012. Exact details were vague but the poster alone was enough to create a huge buzz of excitement.


Fast forward almost twelve months and the big event was approaching fast. At quite short notice two warm-up shows were booked to try out some of the songs on latest album “Epicloud”, a few as yet never played live to an audience. So far north without quite being in Scotland, knackered from jet-lag and the previous several weeks touring the USA with Paradise Lost, it would be understandable if Townsend and the band were shitting bricks. Talking to some of the fans it seemed some of them were on their behalf!

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LIVE REVIEW: Huntress, Stagnant Breed, Drallion – Sound Circus, Bournemouth, 26th October 2012

Huntress Sound Circus Bournemouth live review

It was almost Hallowe'en and the dressing up had started already. The rather camp surroundings of Sound Circus were suitably decorated with skeletons hanging off the walls and the punters made up an amusingly costumed mix of good, bad, ugly and hilarious. It was also another special occasion. The first ever British show for American band Huntress led by self-proclaimed witch Jill Janus. Would it turn out to be a trick or a heavy metal treat?

Before that two local female-fronted bands started the night off and it was unfortunate to catch only the last part of Drallion's set. They mix death metal with flourishes of industrial and the occasional melodic keyboard licks. Blonde vocalist Beckie has a thunderous growl and also sings cleanly in the softer moments. Definite potential there.

Next up were Stagnant Breed. A name I had seen on lots of posters locally but never managed to catch. It was a pleasantly brutal surprise. Musically there were sounds of technical death

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Album Review: Geist – Der Ungeist

Geist der ungeist review black metal israel

Geist is a one man Black Metal band from Israel and this is the debut full length from Ratimus the blackened soul behind the music. Just taking a glance at the Germanic track titles you know this is going to be Northern European in feel, with more than an air of Satanic atmosphere, and it doesn‘t disappoint! 

After a short intro, the first track ‘Mord’ hits you with a cold wall of hissing guitars making you instantly aware that this is not an overproduced affair. The sound is more like something from the underground or back in the early 90’s, due to the album being recorded in a live environment. The vocals kick in and have that distant, echoey atmosphere that are just the right side of being lost in the mix, unlike the drums that are barely discernable, but luckily that is rectified on later tracks. This first track sets the stall for the rest of the album with it’s changes in pace from spinning buzz saw

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Alunah White Hoarhound to get vinyl release

Alunah white hoarhound to get vinyl release

Alright now, doom and vinyl fans, won't you listen? You'd better start saving your pretty pennies because Napalm Recrods/Spinning Goblin Productions are exclusively releasing a strictly limited gatefold vinyl edition of Alunah's latest "White Hoarhound".

The vinyl edition will be initially available 100 copies in white and 200 copies in green. Once they are gone, they are gone! Pre-order options will be available soon…so stay tuned!

Jake Mason / ALUNAH

"ALUNAH are extremely proud to say we are joining the Napalm Records / Spinning Goblin Productions family with the upcoming vinyl release of our current album ‘White Hoarhound’ especially for the hallowed format".


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