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Album Review: Terra Tenebrosa – The Purging

Terra Tenebrosa The Purging Review

Terra Tenebrosa, are a relatively new band featuring members of legendary, but now disbanded, hardcore/post metal band Breach. Terra Tenebrosa’s previous album, The Tunnels, released in 2011 was such a surprise not only for how dynamic and layered it was, but for how it seemed to have taken parts of Breach’s unique sound and dropped them into the black pits of hell.

The first track, “The Redeeming Teratoma”, serves as an introduction to the gloomy world of the masked Cuckoo and his two accomplices, Hibernal and Hisperdal. This sets the atmosphere with delay, tremolo riffs and nightmarish tone.

“The Compression Chamber”, kicks in with a repeating creeping riff until the...

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Album Review: Humanfly – Awesome Science

Humanfly Absolute Science

Leeds based Humanfly have been going 12 years, and have gradually evolved their sound over time from their original punk sound through to post-metal. Although anyone familiar with 2010’s excellent ‘Darker Later’ will be aware that their brand of post-metal did have healthy chunk of punk attitude and some absolutely monster riffs too: the atmospherics were often kept separate.

I’ll be honest when hearing that their new album was a prog beast I wasn’t sure what to expect. ‘Awesome Science’ however is a great album, its prog Jim but not as we know it. There’s immediacy here, and a complexity and inventiveness which is exciting to hear, and if anything the monster riffs are even better.

It harks back to the solid song construction of bands that weren’t following...

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Album Review: Cult Of Luna – Vertikal

Cult of luna Vertikal review

‘Vertikal’ is the sixth album from Swedish post-metal, atmospheric sludge giants Cult of Luna, and their first since 2008’s ‘Eternal Kingdom’.

Heavy metal and machinery have always gone hand in hand since Black Sabbath were originally inspired by the constant mechanical pounding noise of industrial Birmingham. The album is based upon Fritz Lang’s timeless Metropolis and this album really does manage to convey that very well.

Although not intended to be considered a companion piece to Metropolis, when listening to this album and watching metropolis at the same time (I need no better excuse). It really does add to the atmosphere of the film and capture the essence of the film far better than the original score. There’s a calculated and...

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Deafheaven and The Secret announce UK Dates

Deafheaven UK tour May 2013

 San Francisco's Deafhevean are returning to the UK in May and this time they are bringing along Italians The Secret with them.  Deafheaven are currently at work recording their new album 'Sunbather' which is due for a late Spring release.  Anyone that caught either of these bands in the UK in 2012 (Deafheaven in February with Kylesa, The Secret supporting Converge in November 2012) will attest to their explosive live shows, this should be one hell of a tour.

The full european tour is as follows...

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Album Review: Kongh – Sole Creation

Kongh sole creation

Swedish 3 piece Kongh are back for their third outing of 4 slabs of crushing sludge. This is their first album on Agonia Records, a label known for some great death and black metal releases.

The 10 minute title track, ‘Sole Creation’, starts with pounding tribal drumming with David Johansson’s twisting riffs erupting into sweet sludgy groove. David’s blackened tinged screams lead into soaring clear vocals somewhere between Mastodon, Alice in Chains and Callisto. The track winds down into haunting riff that builds back to that great opening assault and those soaring vocals.

Second track is entitled ‘Tamed Brute’, but there's nothing tame about this track as it stomps its way forth like...

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New artist website Corpselogic goes live

Corpselogic artist website Jondix

This week the artist collaboration website Corpselogic has gone live.  The site has been formed by a group of eight international artists, each of them with extensive experience designing artwork and merchandising for metal bands. You only have to take a look at the list of bands they have worked with to see why metalgigs are a fan - High On Fire, Amon Amarth, Neurosis, St. Vitus, Purified In Blood, Electric Wizard, Napalm Death, Pentagram, Slayer to name but a few.  The idea was born as a solution to the growing demand for quality artwork by record labels and recording studios, consecrated metal bands, and of course for newer bands with...

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Humanfly UK dates start today and new album details

Humanfly Leeds

Leeds based Humanfly hit the road today in support of Cult of Luna along with Amenra.

Dates and ticket links etc can be found on their metalgigs page here.

The band have a new album "Awesome Science" due out on 11th February on Brew Records.

As a band that has been in existence for close to 12 years now, Humanfly are somewhat of an institution in the...

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Altaar release teaser trailer 2 for self titled album

Altaar Altaar self titled album

Norway's Altaar have just released the second teaser for their new self titled album which is due out on 26th February.  

The journey began back in 2007. After the dissolution of JR Ewing, Andreas Tylden (also known from One Tail, One Head) established the solo-project Altaar. In the shadows of Vår Frelsers graveyard in Oslo, the cassette "Dødsønske" was recorded. The result was a brooding mixture of black metal, doom, noise, ambient and drone.
"I had the need to create music with a broad emotional register, to break from the conventions of earlier methods I used to employ." – Tylden
Soon after, the art-academy graduate and noise-musician Sten Ove Toft (Ryfylke, Faux Pas) was initiated into...

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Forgotten Tomb announce first ever UK date

Forgotten Tomb London Garage UK tour 2013

Italian legends Forgotten Tomb have announced a rare UK appearance scheduled for the 6th May 2013 upstairs at The Garage in Highbury, London.  The band regarded as one of the pioneers of the depressive/suicidal black metal sub genre have expanding their sound throughout their career taking on elements from other areas, cascading into doom, goth and more recently black 'n roll.  This London date marks their first ever appearance in the UK, and at present we have no word of other planned UK dates but will update the site if we hear anything further.  Their new...

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Album Review: Chapel Of Disease – Summoning Black Gods Review

Chapel Of Disease Summoning Black Gods Review

Old school death metal (OSDM) has become something of a catchphrase in recent years, a term descriptive of a relatively consistent onslaught of contemporary bands employing a sound and approach to the genre of death metal reminiscent of it's late 80's and early 90's pioneers in a more often than not genuine and authentic manner. As with any sub-genre experiencing a flood of popularity there comes a surge in the output of current bands alongside the formation of new blood and, with this, a hell of a lot of mediocre and forgettable material. Of course wherever there is shit, gems will shine. 2011 saw the releases of bands such as Mitochondrion, Sonne Adam, Necros Christos & Disma deservedly making plenty of well-respected end-of-year lists and forging through into 2012 the trend continued. Germany's Chapel of Disease released at the beginning of 2012 their debut recording, a demo under the title "Death Evoked" which was soon followed up by a split with fellow countrymen Lifeless and lastly, in the winter of the year, their debut full-length "Summoning Black Gods"; a thrashy, energetic and captivating affair...

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