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Album Review: Satans Wrath – Galloping Blasphemy

satans wrath galloping blasphemy review'Galloping Blasphemy’ is the debut album from this Greek outfit. Their bio says they play blackened thrash metal plus their black album cover emblazoned with the band’s logo (their name is made up into an inverted cross on fire) was all the encouragement I needed to give it a spin. 

Now Satan’s Wrath pertain to deliver Blackened Thrash and man do they! They have that old school thrash sound right down, but it also has a range to it, using many forms of the thrash spectrum, though you wouldn’t guess this by the opening track ‘Leonard Rising - Night Of The Whip’. It starts with eerie ritual chants and whispered voices which then breaks into a trad heavy metal style riffing. Yes, there is a little hint of thrash further in with a lead guitar section played...

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Album Review: Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance

Darkthrone The Unholy Resistance review

Darkthrone is a band that needs no introduction. A band that has become something of an institution (whether you like it or not) within the global metal scene throughout the longevity of it’s existence, consistently adding to a commendably lengthy back-catalogue of relatively steady quality and never straying too far from it’s roots despite it’s existence in a constant state of flux, change and progression. Darkthrone has proven itself a monolith of consistency in change.

Indeed, from its conception in the late 1980s and over the course of it’s near 25-year lifespan, the band has been forever shaping and shifting through a variety of manifestations and although the significance of it’s early 90s era is not to be understated; it’s absoluteness is often over-emphasised by those who deem it...

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LIVE REVIEW: Saint Vitus at Relentless Garage London

Saint Vitus London

The Garage brought shelter from the gloomy rainy Sunday for doom fans this weekend yet London decided to be fashionably late.  Witchsorrow took to the stage with roughly 40 people spaced out inside it's large interior.  Opening with "Aurora Atra" the 3 piece break the normal stage mould with drummer Dave and his kit sandwiched between Nick and Emily front of stage.  It made for an interested show, rather than being buried at the back I could watch him smack the hell out of his kit right under the front house lights.  Witchsorrow may not be breaking any ground with their material firmly routed in traditional doom but if it ain't broke, then why fix it?  Witchsorrow do it well, throwing up a good mix of Sabbath and Vitus vibes, some extremely slow sections, and some faster paced full rock out moments.  Thankfully for the band as the set went on the venue started to fill...

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Razoreater and Iced Out Church of Fuck UK tour

Church of Fuck razoreater Iced Out tour

Razoreater and Iced out are hitting the road together in April to promote their new 7" which is just coming out on Manchester based Church of Fuck records and can be ordered here.

Fans of blackened metallic hardcore in the vein of Gaza, Trap Them and The Secret should lap up this new release.


Tour dates are as follows:

6th April - Green Door Store, Brighton

7th April - Old Blue Last, London...

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North of The Wall Festival preview

North of the wall festival preview

North of the Wall Festival is a new festival concieved last summer with the idea of helping promote the Scottish metal scene.  The whole festival is being run non-profit purely for the love of metal and hoping to help the local scene in Glasgow.  With the announcement of the Edinburgh legends Holocaust we thought we'd give you a preview of all the bands now confirmed for this exciting new installment in the Scottish metal calendar.  North of the wall festival is on 13th April 2013 at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow.  Tickets are on sale priced at £15.00 and more info can be found on the official site here.


Headliners Holocaust should be no stranger to visitors of the site they are one of metal's most influential and pioneering bands. Metallica covered their track...

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LIVE REVIEW: Grand Magus at Camden Underworld

Grand Magus Camden Underworld

London's Diesel King have been a regular fixture on London's gig scene since their inception in 2010, but somehow i've managed to miss them until tonight.  They open the proceedings at the Camden Underworld, and for once it's good to see a large crowd has actually made the effort to get down early and see the support bands.  As lead singers go Mark O'Regan is bloody massive, all muscles and aggro, the embodiment of the bands huge, monstrous and pounding sludgy metal.  Despite the ferociousness during songs he builds a rapport with...

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Album Review: Saxon – Sacrifice

Saxon Sacrifice Review

With it's 40th anniversary only three years away Barnsley's finest heavy metal export has unleashed its 20thalbum. Yes, Saxon has been at it that long. “Sacrifice” is arguably the band's best work in years. With the mighty Andy Sneap at the helm for recording in Yorkshire, Biff Byford said it was intended to be a stripped down, no-nonsense affair. It's as subtle as a brick, but just as solid.

A striking feature is the erratic mix of subjects and locations in the songs. We begin with what sounds like Indiana Jones in the jungle with a Hammer Horror soundtrack. This intro gives way to a pummelling thrasher the likes of Testament would be proud of. The title track confirms its locale with a tale of human...sacrifice. Then it's off to Northern Ireland, where Byford pays tribute to the long gone ship building industry of Belfast. It's called “Made In Belfast”...

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Entrails premiere new song In Pieces

Entrails Sweden

Swedish Death Metallers ENTRAILS have just released the first song from their upcoming third album Raging Death!

According to the Metal Blade website:

"Entrails completed the recordings for their much anticipated upcoming third album, Raging Death! The album was recorded in different studios: the drum recordings took place at the Racetrack studios while the basis recordings were done at Jimmy Lundqvist’s own The Crypt recording...

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