North of The Wall Festival preview

//North of The Wall Festival preview

North of the wall festival preview

North of the Wall Festival is a new festival concieved last summer with the idea of helping promote the Scottish metal scene.  The whole festival is being run non-profit purely for the love of metal and hoping to help the local scene in Glasgow.  With the announcement of the Edinburgh legends Holocaust we thought we’d give you a preview of all the bands now confirmed for this exciting new installment in the Scottish metal calendar.  North of the wall festival is on 13th April 2013 at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow.  Tickets are on sale priced at £15.00 and more info can be found on the official site here.


Headliners Holocaust should be no stranger to visitors of the site they are one of metal’s most influential and pioneering bands. Metallica covered their track “Small Hours”, Six Feet Under covered “Death or Glory” and Gamma Ray covered “Heavy Metal Mania”. Check out this footage from their recent set at Brofest in Newcastle, and find them on facebook here.


Next on the bill is Achren described as ‘underground titans’ and ‘a fearsome live act’ by leading UK metal magazines, In their own words “Achren are Scotland’s own originators of Blood Metal. Glasgow based Achren’s brand of metal is crushingly heavy and uncompromising. Raw, razor sharp riffs; death metal growls; black metal screams and dark, brutally driving melody combine to create a unique and commandeering sound which has gained the name ‘Blood Metal'”. Find them on facebook here.


Scordatura from Glasgow formed in 2007 and released their debut album “Torment of the Weak” in 2012.  Having supported the likes of Cryptopsy, Aborted, Cerebral Bore and Misery Index they are no strangers to the live environment.  2013 will also mark their live Irish debut as they will be playing at the Day of Decay festival in Dublin. Find them on facebook here.


Ascension say they were inspired by the European greats like Helloween, Gamma Ray and Hammerfall.  No guessing that they play power metal, but stick to a more traditional guitar driven sound, shying away from the the symphonic/orchestral keyboard driven sound that dominate the scene now. Find them on facebook here.


Maelstrom are a Black Metal band formed in Glasgow in 2004.  As well as playing North Of The Wall 2013 will see them play the second Warhorns festival and finalising their second album “Sunlight”.


Next up Diementia were formed in Glasgow in 2008 and bring their melodic death/thrash backed by their debut album “Tears of Blood” and the EP released last year “Forgotten Dead”. You can find them on facebook here.


Headless Kross are another Glasgow based band and in their own words play psychedelic tinged doom.  They recently released a split with Belfast based War Iron. Headliess Kross can be found on facebook here.


Atragon are a relatively new band having only formed at the tail end of 2012 but have already played with the likes of Korpse, Grand Magus, and Black Magician to name a few.  In their own words ‘They desire only to bring about your doom through the powers of distortion, tube amplification & heathen ritual’. They have a tour coming up in March, dates can be found on their metalgigs page here. Find them on facebook here.


Farseer are a melodic power metal band formed in Glasgow in 2009 who describe themselves as “a 5 piece unit on a mission to bring you a 7 string metal guitar assault featuringfurious beats whilst retaining the catchy vocal melodies”.  Farseer can be found on facebook here.


Norderobring are a Scottish Folk metal band influenced by the likes of Ensiferum and Turisas and play music about the Picts.  You can check out music from a rehearsal from last year below and they can be found on facebook here.


Festival opener Common Gods are an extreme metal act who have been about for over 3 years but through the time taken to recruit a stable line up only unleashed their first live outing at the Banshee Labyrinth last year.  You can find them on facebook here.

For more information on the festival visit the official website here.  Tickets are available priced at £15 here.

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