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Foreigner 2014 UK tour with Europe and FM

Foreigner 2014 UK tour
Foreigner have announced a string of UK dates for 2014 with support coming from Europe and FM.  Believe it or not Foreigner have now sold in excess of 75 million albums worldwide!! There are a variety of tickets available from normal entry through to meet and greet packages. The dates are as follows:

Thursday 3rd April - O2 Apollo Manchester

Friday 4th April - Newcastle City Hall

Saturday 5th April...

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Iniquity 2013 UK tour with Katalepsy and Unfathomable Ruination

Iniquity Katalepsy Unfathomable ruination 2013 uk tour

Terrorizer magazine have announced "Bloodletting the UK tour" featuring Copenhagen's Iniquity, Moscow's Katalepsy and our very own Unfathomable Ruination. Christ this has to be the most brutal tour of 2013!! Iniquity put out their debut, the death metal classic "Serenadium" in 1996 to amazing feedback from the underground press.  They then managed to follow up with an EP and 2 more full lengths of almost equal quality to their landmark debut (seriously what was in the water that 90's death metal bands drank to make them so consistent?).  2013 marks the 15th anniversary of the 1998 The Hidden Lore EP and so the line up from that recording have reformed for a few very special tour dates.  This is in Iniquity's woads a one off:

"There are NO plans of recording any new or old material and there won't be another reunion later on - at least not with this line-up. This is meant as a one time thing in hon

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Album Review: Autopsy – The Headless Ritual

Autopsy The Headless Ritual

For every one of us, there are certain sounds that trigger a shot of nostalgic bliss. For some, it’s the warm, aging chime of the family grandfather clock or the glacial crunch of virgin snow underfoot. For others, it may be the dulcet melody of early-morning birdsong or just the shrill, anaemic tones of their favourite lullaby (I won‘t judge).

But for a select, sadistic few, there isn’t much on this earth that’s able to tug so malevolently on the (rotten) heart-strings than the doomed death metal din of San Francisco’s Autopsy. A hideously gut-wrenching tone many feared lost to the dust, before its unholy resurrection circa 2009.

While the resultant releases...

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Ufomammut October 2013 UK dates

Ufomammut uk tour 2013

I'm not too sure what to add to this news post other than aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!  Ufomammut have just announced the Magickal Mastery European tour and it contains 3 dates in England at the beginning of October.  If you haven't seen this band live yet you HAVE to go and see them.  I know everyone says ooh this band is great on every press release about every band but seriously Ufomammut are the real deal live.  I'm sure regular visitors to the site know how many gigs i go to and this is serious advice GET A TICKET.  Much like Yob they...

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Trippy Wicked August 2013 UK tour and new EP details

Christopher West Trippy Wicked

Christopher West, the drummer from Trippy Wicked hit us up today to let us know that Trippy Wicked (and the Cosmic Children of the Knight) have an upcoming UK tour, and a new EP due out shortly.  His label Superhot Records is due to release the EP 'Underground' on digipack CD in September. Due to the fact the man has impeccable tastes in shirts (see above) we felt it was only justified to share this awesome news with you.  Having amazed...

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