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Mgla and Svartidaudi London gig preview

Mgla live in London

This coming Thursday sees a very special line up coming to London presented by Isengard Promotions with 2 UK live debuts from some finest of the current black metal underground.  With a headliner who do very little promotion themselves we thought it best to introduce you to the 4 bands playing just in case you weren't familiar.  

Mgla (Polish for Fog) started way back in 2000 based in Krakow, the second largest of Poland's major cities and one of it's oldest dating back to the 7th Century.  Formed by M. he is currently joined by...

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Album review: The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum

The Wounded Kings Consolamentum

We breathe laments for those who destroy without pity or mercy - there is no hope; anguish gnaws on the glistening nerve, the soft pulp of our desperate desire to live - our only understanding is for the bleak acceptance that what fixes its gaze upon us will be our end, our doom - a new life is lived in those few heartbeats left to us, a terrible, swirling journey - but the hammer blow, when it comes, is swift, measured - delivered with...

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