Album review: The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum

//Album review: The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum

The Wounded Kings Consolamentum

‘Consolamentum’ by The Wounded Kings

Review by Matthew Green

We breathe laments for those who destroy without pity or mercy – there is no hope; anguish gnaws on the glistening nerve, the soft pulp of our desperate desire to live – our only understanding is for the bleak acceptance that what fixes its gaze upon us will be our end, our doom – a new life is lived in those few heartbeats left to us, a terrible, swirling journey – but the hammer blow, when it comes, is swift, measured – delivered with a cold eye and a steady heart, admitting no compunction about snuffing. Our. Lives. Out.

We talk about Doom that crushes utterly, Doom as being the heaviest of the metals, and this is what we should be conjuring to mind. There is something gargantuan, ancient and pitiless in these tones of guitar and organ; fingers and vocal chords build an effortless tension so unbearable, so unendurable that, once released, with riffs thick and dense and laden with otherworldly gravity, we are instantly and exquisitely reduced to wet smears, gristly smudges.

It is a rich and fertile time for British Doom and The Wounded Kings can be proud of their stentorian contribution. 9/10

Check out Wounded Kings on facebook here and their label Candlelight Records here.

Order the album from the band here.

The Wounded Kings play The Black Heart in Camden, London on 24th May 2014 with Sigiriya and Coltsblood, more info and ticket link here.


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