LIVE REVIEW: Dying Fetus Brighton Audio

//LIVE REVIEW: Dying Fetus Brighton Audio

Dying Fetus Brighton review

Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence and Fallujah at Audio Brighton.

Review by Matthew Billing

It’s pissing down outside and the beer is over four quid a pint. None of that matters as the mighty Dying Fetus are playing tonight. They are a band that have been overlooked by some, underestimated by many, and have a name to make your mum cringe. It seems odd in a way that one of the most controversial and heavy bands to grace the metal scene are playing a Club normally associated with coke huffing hipsters and E’d up ravers, but I’m in anticipation all the same. As the crowd builds a mixture of diehard metalheads and trendy hardcore kids fill the room.


Fallujah embrace the stage in a mass of hair, blastbeats and crushing heaviness.The ten ton riffs are matched by eclectic, rhythmic breaks and outros. Electronic elements flow through the devastation they lay upon the crowd. Heads are banging but the pit is absent throughout, saving energy for the main course perhaps.


There has been some murmurings of whether the Sheffield based metallic hardcore outfit was a good choice for the bill here tonight, both online and in the crowd. The hardcore kids are pumped, whilst the metalheads are already talking of pit ninjas spinkicking their beers out of their hands. One song in and the crowd is already into it. Perceptions are being changed and heads are banging and the pit is forming, but the momentum is lost when the drummers pedal snaps. A brief interlude takes place with some funky music courtesy of the remaining crew whilst the drummer searches for a replacement.  After a new pedal is sourced, the crowd gets the title track of the new album “Reign of Suffering” and with it comes heaviness, breakdowns and calls for a pit. “Face of Death” gets thrown at the crowd but the energy in the room is lacking, despite encouragement to up the ante from the vocalist. Obviously feeling the uncertainty in the room he shouts “metalheads make some noise!”, to which, very few do. The pit grows a litte, no swings, just good times, and a bit of two stepping for good measure. The band get a circle pit for the last song of their set. Some minds are changed, some remain the same but nevertheless (ignoring the drum pedal), it’s a faultless performance.


An altogether different style is brought to the stage in the form of Goatwhore. Studded leather and denim rule here. They go full pelt into their blackened thrash and heads are banging. Horns are being thrown as the groove laden machine charges forward. The drummer is killing it and the vocals are spot on. Gutterals and highs are all nailed with some intense vocal power. The riffs flow around the room and the solos are nailed with deadly accuracy. The crowd are lapping it up, with as much energy as a Monday night gathering can offer. “Fucked by Satan” gets the biggest cheer of the night so far with fists banging and hair flying in circles from the windmilling headbangers down the front. The frontman has the crowd eating out of his hands and he uses it perfectly.”Nocturnal Conjuration of the Occult” gets a roaring reception. The New Orleans outfit finish on “Apocalyptic Winter”. Pits form and heads bang one last time before the headliners come out. Hopefully it won’t be too long until Goatwhore return.

Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus finish tuning up and slam “In the Trenches” straight into the crowds face. Executed with surgical precision the drummers beats fuelling the death metal machine. “One Shot One Kill” gets the pit into full swing with heads banging with whiplash inducing ferocity. Amazingly, Fetus play at a blistering pace with the tightness of an ants arsehole. “It’s not my fault I’m pregnant and I love drugs. Who cares? Fuck the baby. Let it die” signals the mighty “Womb to Waste” being blastedt hrough the basement. Sweep picking sounding almost blissful in the onslaught of aggression. We get taken back to the early days of Dying Fetus with “Raped on the Altar” sounding like if you unleashed it on the metal world now, shit would still hit the fan and it would get as much praise as any classic deserves. It’s testament to them that their sound has withstood the test of time. The finish to the onslaught is “Pissing in the Mainstream” something they do all to well. That being said, performances of this quality are what the mainstream needs to take a few lessons from.

Dying Fetus were put on by Advance Promotions.

Find Dying Fetus on facebook here, their latest album “Reign Supreme” is available on Relapse Records.

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