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Ann my Guard was formed in 2007. Before that, the singer-bassist Eszter Anna Baumann-Tóth had recorded her four-track demo in Békéscsaba, in which, except for drums, she played on all instruments. She began to search for other musicians for this project, in order to play these tracks at several concerts. These performances made the first success for the band, and also brought the first listeners. In 2008, the next demo arrived. Finally, after a formation period, the band had the opportunity to record more tracks in a professional studio. Their first EP, Cinderella's syndrome came out in 2010. However, its second song, called Gone, was invited to be on an American promotional record (Kill City series). That was the time, when they got the first positive foreign reactions. Their popularity in Hungary was grown by the broadcasting of a report within the Hungarian X Factor show, in which Ann my Guard's front man had been invited to introduce the band. In the summer of 2011, they got the opportunity to record their second EP (Doll metal) in Hungary's best and most professional studio, in the Super Size Recording. Here, the country's most successful and acknowledged rock producer, Zoltán Varga helped them with the recording and in the end the whole EP came out under his production. Ann my Guard's first promotional video clip came out in November for the My Sky track, and for the other track from the EP (Preparation) they came out with their very first official clip in 2012 August. 
In November 2012, Ann my Guard has signed to the Norwegian Smash Fabric Records with their Doll Metal EP. The label was promoting the band mainly in the Scandinavian area. The band released their latest music video and debut single called 'Crush Honey'. The production of the video was awarded to them as 1st prize from the Hungarian Music 1 channel's talent competition.
Ann my Guard came out with their first full-length album called 'Innocence Descent' in spring 2014 (produced by Gábor Vári/Black Hole Sound studio), and from the beginning of 2015, they started to work with a UK-based indie label, Shamanize Records.