06/11/2015 An Alternative Gathering @ T Chances, London

/06/11/2015 An Alternative Gathering @ T Chances, London


06/11/2015 An Alternative Gathering @ T Chances, London

Sweet Exile Metal
Barbora Metal
Orpheum Goth/Industrial
Evyltyde Metal
Ann My Guard Metal
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An Alternative Gathering are proud to present an evening of female fronted melodic metal mayhem and the only London date of Ann my Guard's UK tour Ann my Guard A Hungarian doll/melodic metal band formed in 2007 by singerbassist Eszter Anna BaumannToth. Their first EP, Cinderella's syndrome came out in 2010. Its second song, called Gone, was invited to be on an American promotional record (Kill City series). That was when they got the first positive international reactions. Their popularity in Hungary was grown by the broadcasting of a report within the Hungarian X Factor, in which Ann my Guard's lead singer Anna had been invited to introduce the band. In the summer of 2011 they recorded their second EP: Doll Metal with rock producer Zoltan Varga at Supersize Recordings. Their first official music video came out in August 2012 to Preparation the first track on the Doll Metal EP. Ann my Guard's first album Innocence Descent came out in April 2014 produced by Gabor Vari at Black Hole Sound. From 2015 they started to work with UKbased indie label Shamanize Records. After additional mixing by Dark Moon Audio in the UK the album got mastered by Pete Maher for Shamanize Records. "There is something sweet to ANN MY GUARD and without warning a song will turn into a fae bitch, all silken smiles and pointed teeth. Itメs only a glimpse, but itメs scary enough to titillate the deathwish in us all." Metal Descent. "Innocence Descent", Ann my Guard have compiled an albums' worth of killer songs". (92/100) Femme Metal Webzine. http://annmyguardofficial.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/AmG_band https://soundcloud.com/annmyguardband/sets/innocencedescent Evyltyde A traditional and melodic metal band based in and around the London area, Evyltyde bring the sound of traditional, classic metal into the modern age with a mix of killer riffs, searing power chords and melodic vocals. "Fight To Be Free" was their first recorded track and is a homage of sorts to classic British metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. "Fight To Be Free" was released during the traditional Christmas Chart period in 2013 and is currently available for download. Fast forward through a few more single releases to this year which finally saw the release of their debut selftitled album. "モEvyltydeヤ channels the musical essences of Sabbath, Pantera and Dio then adds a dash of Grace Slick WhiteRabbitera psychedelic coolness for an entirely eargasmic experience" Metal Nation Radio. http://www.evyltyde.com/ https://twitter.com/Evyltyde https://soundcloud.com/evyltyde Orpheum Gothic progressive melodic metal band based in London, named after the old theatrical vaudevillian circuit, formed from the ashes of different bands in 2010 and 2014. Fronted by the operatic vocals of Erin Johnson, melodic guitar of Finlay Thomson, dramatic keyboards/backing vocals of Mars Martin, pounding bass of Phillipe Dutra and the thunderous drums of Andy Thomson, they have combined gothic, progressive in all its forms, metal and symphonic music to create dramatic, exciting, enthralling music to showcase, a debut album is imminent. http://www.orpheum.co/ https://twitter.com/orpheumband https://soundcloud.com/orpheumband Barbora BARBORA is a Slovak progressive/fusion metal guitarist based in London, initially gaining popularity on YouTube ヨ with over 1 million views todate! ヨ she was a founding member of Essexbased heavy metal band Osmium Guillotine, with whom she released one EP and supported punk titans Sham 69 and Splodgenessabounds, as well as the cult legend John Ottway. Having left the band in 2010, she has since gained an international fanbase and performed on stage with the acclaimed world music group Niyaz at their London show in November 2012. Her debut original EP モTARTARUSヤ, a 6track concept project combining traditional thrash with influences from flamenco and jazz, was released on October 1st 2013, BARBORA's next album, Enigma, is coming out this Autumn. http://ibanezzshredder.tumblr.com/ https://www.reverbnation.com/barbora https://www.youtube.com/user/IbanezzShredder Sweet Exile This alternative metal band from west Yorkshire formed in the spring of 2014, Sweet Exile began with Lauren Leigh and Bill O'Dwyer seeking to start a new project together. Jacob Arundale and Liam O'Connell joined the band after very successful auditions and the 4piece quickly took to writing material. The band took to the stage for the first time in August 2014, and have been playing and writing consistently ever since, working on developing their sound and style. With influences ranging from Pretty Reckless to Lamb of God, there's no shortage of surprises to the band's material. Sweet Exile took to the studio in April 2015, and are planning to launch their debut EP in September. http://www.sweetexile.com/ https://twitter.com/sweet_exile_uk https://soundcloud.com/sweet_exile

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T Chances


399 High Road
N17 6QN

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020 8365 0653