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Beef Conspiracy was initially formed as a 3 man drum machine project in late 1998. By early 2000 they had established a full line up and went on to produce a home made demo entitled 'Undead, Undressed and Ready for Breakfast'. Despite it's poor production it quickly sold out and earned Beef Conspiracy a place in several underground fanzines, on international radio shows and various compilations including 'The Dead Pit' and 'Cadaverized'. They have also been featured twice in Bizarre (UK) magazine. Beef Conspiracy's main forte has always been in the live setting and, by supporting bands such as Gorerotted, Desecration, 7th Child, Regorge and Hecate Enthroned, have earned themselves a reputation as one the U.K's most intense live acts. Their success in the live sphere was further increased in July 2003 when they played alongside the likes of Internal Suffering, Inhume, Dead Infection and Macabre at Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic! Although the festival was their first foray into Europe they received an excellent response and are making plans to head back over there to promote their release, 'Hung Drawn and Quarter-poundered'! When recording 'Hung, Drawn...' Beef Conspiracy sought to create something that was innovative, dynamic and brutal but still upheld the values of true underground music. Steering clear of drum triggers, vocal effects and formulaic structures they tried to forged their own style in a genre. With a sound that combines the raw brutality of early Carcass and Flesh Parade with the progressive vision of Cephalic Carnage, their exact style remains difficult to pinpoint. Some have suggested that they a death metal band due to the somewhat brutal nature of their music, but others refer to them as grindcore on the basis of their short song times, savage vocals and shifting tempos. Either way there's no denying that Beef Conspiracy have a unique style which breathes life into a stagnant genre.