Year Formed


The band formed from the decrepit remains of Fester and Korpse at the eve of the millennium. The band has seen various line up changes since then. The band had only recorded two demos - Live by the bone, Die by the saw & Smack Zombie and played a handful of shows throughout the uk including a support slot with Napalm Death. Since enlisting the ''skills'' of Calum Carruthers in 2007, the band haveupped the ante and since then released the debut album "Sawtopsy" and released three split releases with the filthy funk quartet Abscess, the wretched dulcet tones of Bone Gnawer and a recent 7" release with the Norwegian trash kings Lobotomized. All of which were released with the help of Aphelion Productions and At War With False Noise.

The band have since appeared on stages all round the country including a slot at The Damnation Festival alongside Lawnmower Death,Sabbat,Paradise Lost and Discharge. 

Future endeavors include a 7" split release with the Italian death metal stallions Heamophagus which will follow with a full euro tour alongside them and will finish with both bands appearing in Holland, on stage at Bloodshed Festival. The band also plan to write and record the follow up album to Sawtopsy, with a planned release date of febuary 2012.

Until then feel free to contact the band via Facebook or get in touch through Myspace for all concert or release details.