Progressive sludge


Initially the brainchild of guitarist Pierre Carroz, the first idea of Herod came to life during his stay in Malmø, Sweden, back in 2006. In Sweden, Pierre found little else to do that to isolate himself in his empty studio apartment, and so he began putting together dark and depressing riffs with his baritone guitar on an old 4-track recorder, which he brought with him from Switzerland, inspired by the cold and desolate, Swedish climate.

In 2011 back in Switzerland, Pierre then became acquainted with former Twisted-drummer Fabien Vodoz and A Fine Day to Exit-singer David Glassey, and the three would go on to form Herod and write the songs of, what would later become their devastatingly heavy debut record They Were None.

The album was recorded in late 2012 with esteemed, Swiss producer Julien Fehlmann, who is also the man behind the sound of bands such as The Ocean, Coilguns and Unfold, and mastered by Svante Forsback, who is mostly known for his work with rock and metal mastodons Volbeat and Rammstein.

They Were None is an album infused with downtuned and distorted mastery in the vein of The Chariot, Breach and Cult of Luna, and Herod makes no attempt to compromise what-so-ever with their blunt and upfront approach to heavy music.

They Were None is available on all platforms on May 2nd 2014!