Year Formed


• PYTHIA (pronounced pie-thee-ya) are a group of classical and metal inspired musicians who believe that the art of music is a hallowed path, only to be undertaken by the strong willed and the dedicated.

• Fronted by Emily Alice Ovenden, a published novelist and member of the number one selling act 'Mediaeval Baebes', PYTHIA were formed at the end of 2007 and brought together by a love of fantasy and gothic imagery and literature, the darker, more enigmatic classical works, and, of course; heavy metal.

• Emily Alice grew up in a mock gothic castle in Cornwall as the daughter of infamous Ruralist artists Graham and Annie Ovenden and began singing and writing ghost stories at an early age. The themes and imagery that she grew up with have naturally influenced her song writing;

'PYTHIA is a band dedicated to making music which not only incorporates gothic themes but also the many aspects of power metal which we feel help to give strength and positivity to the darker side of our stories,' (Emily Alice Ovenden)

• Musical pedigrees within the band stem from UK rock and metal projects such as thrashers 'Descent', black-metallers 'Abgott' and southern fried rockers 'Head-On'.

• Drummer and founder member Marc Dyos, with guitarists Ross White and Tim Neale, combing power metal beats, arrangements and riffs with soaring lead work and tastefully placed progressive overtones, beautifully embellished with epic symphonic keyboards from classically trained maestro Richard Holland.