Year Formed


Based in the North West of the UK.
We got together in late 1980 and split up in late '82 after about 20 months. We were originally Steve McGuire (guitar/vocals) Nick Mannion (Cookson) (guitar/vocals), Dave Strathearn (bass) Jeff Baddley (drums) and later joined by Neil Traynor (lead vocals). The 1981 demo was Gil Nortons first studio job, he just learning about how to record, engineer and produce. Of course nobody had heard of him (or even us) then!!!
It sold out of 2 runs of 250 and got us strong radio play and the promise of a contract with Neat records (Metal Minded sub label) for a 3 track single and a possible LP. We had done some rough demos for the single before we spilt up. 

We did about 120-130 gigs and supported Spider, Girlschool, Rhabstallion, Diamond Head and others, We also did a support tour of Europe (May / June 1982) with Nightwing and went down very well especially in Germany. We were offered a couple of return gigs for late summer festivals but we had split up by then due to money problems and other stuff.

Apparently 2014's runes decreed that the four original members got together in a pub and will be doing things again...and the world heaved a collective 'tut'...
As things quickly started to grow it became clear that Dave didn't have the time to do justice to the ever filling diary and had to reluctantly leave. Karl Altdorfer who was in Greywolfe, a NE NWOBHM band who supported Girlschool and Marillion at the same time Troyen were creating a stir, is the new bass man and has moved things up a notch already in 1 rehearsal!! so on...