Year Formed


"Women are rough, they're raw, and they're raring to go. As for their debut EP, we'd compare it to a wild animal – it's savage, and what's more, it's free." - Counteract Magazine

It's been a rocky road getting this fucking band together but for the time being, it seems we've succeeded.

It all started in 2005, me and a dear friend of mine, Adam were just hanging out at his place, playing guitars and getting high. I'd showed him one or two riffs I'd written, but still being relatively new to the guitar playing malarkey I didn't know if they were THE shit, or just a bag of shit. He happened to like them, and we chatted about starting bands and what not. He went on to form Clout, and despite begging him repeatedly to let me join him in his endeavours he was dead set on being a power trio. (He already had a bass player, and I've not much interest in drumming) he said "Mate start your own band" I replied "Who the fuck with??" After taking a tug on his spliff he said "Well Rons class on guitar, and Pete plays drums..."

CobraSol was born.

LMFAO. The less said of the name CobraSol the better. Despite it being unanimously considered an awesome name, I believe it's cursed. Under that name we played no gigs, yet managed to go through 3 drummers. However a seed was set in mine and Rons minds. We've never concerned ourselves with fame and fortune, but we made a pact, that one day we would make it to a stage...

Two evil girlfriends later and basically I was convinced my hopes of rocking were utterly dashed...if you want to know more about our opinions on this... haha. Listen to the tunes. There's a reason we're called Women.

Its summer 2010. And we both found ourselves recently single, happy, high and inspired. "Lets start the band again" "Aren't we a little old?!" And we decided that the exact reason we SHOULD start a band, was because we probably SHOULDN'T start a band. We hooked up with Mr Andrew Lloyd of Clout fame, and began writing some of the most downright evil sounding doom encrusted punk rock mayhem we could. But it was not to be. Unfortunately we parted ways with Andy, as he pursued his own goals daaaan saaarrff. (London)

Left drummer-less, we opted to continue. We honed our guitar skills and began to create proper little songs. With like, melodies and shit. Open chords and chorus pedals, acoustic guitars. (Courtesy of Damien Wordley) But just as we were about to turn our backs on Metal forever, buy mandolins and start butt fucking each other... Gareth Davies showed up. "I don't really play drums, but I'll give it a go..."

Needless to say, he wasn't the best. But he hit them hard enough and loud enough to wake up John Bonham. "Yup. You're in"

And here we are.