02/08/2013 Death n’ Grind Weekender

/02/08/2013 Death n’ Grind Weekender


02/08/2013 Death n’ Grind Weekender

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Good day to you denizens of Leeds and beyond! We in a moment of inspiration and very fortunate timing have endeavored to bring you a weekend of extreme proportions! Presenting Death n' Grind, the most brutal weekend Yorkshire will see for a good while! On the Friday night we present a feast of UK's finest Death Metal! DESECRATION 'nuff said. Pure legends of the scene ヨ who else has had their albums banned, seized and incinerated, eh? Have you? Nah, thought not. Catch them here if you missed them at March's Day of Rapture! http://www.facebook.com/desecrationuk AMPUTATED True British pioneers in brutality, these Southern lads are going to be bringing Yorkshire it's most disgusting offering with their unrelenting Death Metal and unbelievably sickening song titles. https://www.facebook.com/amputated BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS モGore Obssessed, Serial Killer Worshipin, Old School Death Fucking Metalヤ Why write a fucking description when they have summed it up themselves? http://www.facebook.com/pages/BasementTortureKillings FOETAL JUICE Old school DM Lancashire looney tunes. More fun than you can shake a funstick at, with twice as much ferocity. Ain't no party like a Foetal Juice party! http://www.facebook.com/FoetalJuice ZOMBIFIED Riffmania old school death merchants making their way over from Belfast once again. They said they'll be silly if you'll be silly. http://www.facebook.com/zombifieduk And if that's not enough to satisfy your depraved little appetites, Saturday is going to be bringing forth a smattering of UK's finest proponents of the Grind arts: MERCILESS PRECISION Prepare for another onslaught of unrelenting grind with absolutely no 'fucking about' in sight. Loud, fast and bloody mental, they'll be ensuring you don't go home unscathed! https://www.facebook.com/MercilessPrecision MEATPACKER These Leicester grind bastards aren't fans of McDonalds and Rustlers burgers and they're going to express it in the form of dirty, blasty grind. https://www.facebook.com/Meatpacker FUCKING WORTHLESS DIY as fuck. Try finding them on google, I fucking couldn't. But i'm assured by reliable sources that they will deliver utmost pummelings. TWICE THE TRAUMA Two nutty northern bastards and a drum machine is all you need to concoct a recipe of satisfying grind silliness. BURNT REMAINS DELAYED MY TRAIN! https://www.facebook.com/TwiceTheTrauma +MORE T.B.A. Tickets for Friday night are £7 OTD and Saturday night will be £5 OTD. But if you want to save a few pennies on both of them you can pay £10 OTD on Friday night and have access to both nights of utter mayhem! £10 for 10 (maybe more...) bands! Bargain, don't miss out!

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The Fenton


161 Woodhouse Lane

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0113 245 3908