Band Details


Genre Death
Year formed 2013
Home Town Bristol
Country England

Necrosis are a UK brutal death metal band formed in 2013. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Cerebral Bore, Suffocation and more, Necrosis have achieved a satisfying fusion of technicality and brutality mixed with ear-crunching slam riffs. Necrosis aim to make a major impact on the death metal scene over the forthcoming months.

In October 2013, they self-released their 5 track debut EP, "Catatonic Psychosis." Catatonic Psychosis was praised by United Kingdom Extreme Metal in their Top 10 releases of 2013: 
"...Catatonic Psychosis is as good a death metal release as you are likely to hear for quite some time and given that it is the band’s debut release makes it all the more impressive. Some bands struggle to write well-constructed and memorable death metal songs, Necrosis appear to do it with an ease that will bode well for future releases... If you consider yourself to be a death metal fan, then this is a must. Yet another UK band producing a genre-leading release, this e.p. comes extremely highly recommended. 9/10." 

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